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Hebrew EnglishEmployment Terminology

Last Updated on September 19, 2021

Employment Terminology

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Last Updated on April 15, 2012


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Hebrew English dictionary of useful words & phrases

 Employment – תעסוקה
 Phonetic Hebrew
 Administration  Min’hal
 Bachelor’s Degree  To’ar Rishon
 Benefits  T’na’im
 Calculator  Mach’she’von
 Computer  Mach’shev
 Course  Koors
 Day’s leave  Yom ho’fesh
 Degree  To’ar
 Doctorate  To’ar Shli’shi
 Employ  Le’ha’a’sik
 Employee  O’ved or Sa’chir
 Employer  Ma’a’vid or Ma’a’sik
 Employment  Ta’a’su’ka
 Employment agency  Soch’nut ta’a’su’ka
 Experience  Ni’sa’yon
 Finance  Ni’hul ke’sa’fim
 Full-time job  Mis’ra m’lay’a
 Half-day job  Cha’tzi mis’ra
 Hi-tech  Hi-tech
 Human resources  Ma’a’sha’vei e’nosh
 Job interview  Ra’a’yon a’vo’da
 Lawyer  O’rech din (m) – Orechet din (f)      
 Manager  M’na’hel
 Manpower  Ko’ach adam
 Marketing  Shi’vuk
 Master’s Degree  To’ar She’ni
 Medical  Re’foo’a
 Overtime  Sha’ot no’sa’fot
 Part-time job  Mis’ra chel’kit
 Profession  Mik’tzo’a
 Research  Mich’kar
 Resume / CV  Ko’rot Haim
 Self employed  Atz’ma’i
 Sick days  Ye’may ma’cha’la
 Social benefits  T’na’im so’tzi’a’lim 
 Terms of employment              T’nai a’vo’da
 Work  A’vo’da

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