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Receiving a parcel from abroad.

Hebrew to English translation of a parcel delivery notification from abroad. You will also need to present an identity document as well as the

Instructional Videos – Household Utilities

How do you pay your Israel household utility bills online? Step-by-step instructions in English with Hebrew translations.

Learn Hebrew: Lunacy

Learn the Hebrew word for "Lunacy". Free word sheet. The Academy of Hebrew Learning declares 'lunacy' as the

Hebrew-English: Falafel

Learn new Hebrew 'Falafel' words - a favorite Israeli food - with English and transliterations. Are you one of those people that eats falafel at...

Hebrew-English: Sports

Learn new Hebrew words for sporting activities. EnglishTransliterationHebrewArcheryKshatotקשתותBadmintonBadmintonבדמינטוןBaseballBasebolבייסבטלBasketballKadursalכדורסלBeach VolleyballKadur Af Hofimכדןר עף חופיםBridgeBridjברידגChessShachmatשחמטCricketKriketקריקטCyclingOfnyimאופנייםEquestrianRechivaרכיבהFencingSyefסיףField HockeyHoki Sadehהוקי סדהFootballKaduregelכדורגלFutsalKatregelקטרגלGolfGolfגולףGymnasticsHitamlutהתעמלותHalf MarathonHetzi Maratonחצי מרתוןHandballKadur YadכדורידIce HockeyHoki Kerachהוקי קרחJudoJudohג'ודוKarateKaratehקראטהLacrosseLakrosלקרוסLawn Bowls Kaduret Deshehכדורת...

Learn Hebrew Acronyms & Abbreviations: Shin Bet

What is Shin Bet? Learn this Hebrew abbreviation - ש"ב Through the latest Israel news headlines, we have been learning new Hebrew words, topical phrases...

Hebrew Acronyms & Abbreviations: מל”ל

Learn new Hebrew words. What is מל"ל? Here is the next lesson in our series of acronyms and abbreviations. The words we have learned so...

How do you say chairman in Hebrew?

How do you say chairman in Hebrew? A new term and abbreviation. The Hebrew term for 'Chairman' is 'Yoshev Rosh' - יושב ראש You would use...

How do you say virus in Hebrew?

How do you say virus, anti-virus and vaccine in Hebrew? What's the word for epidemic? Hebrew is an ancient language and as such, lots of...

Hebrew to English translation blunders.

A delightful Hebrew to English translation blunder direct from the Israel Democratic Institute and Google Translate

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