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Hebrew EnglishReceiving a parcel from abroad.

Receiving a parcel from abroad.

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Last Updated on March 23, 2022

Your parcel is due to arrive in Israel – what now?

Linda wrote:-

“Can you help me, please?

I am an international student and have been in Israel for about 6 weeks. I ordered a parcel online and I received an order confirmation in my email, but how will I know when it arrives and what happens then? Where do I fetch it? What do I need?”

Whether you’re in Israel on a study program, or recently made Aliyah, navigating Hebrew instructions – even simple ones – can have you pulling your hair out.

Your order from AliExpress, SheIn or Lightinthebox has been confirmed and is on its way to Israel. You make a note of the package reference number.

A week or so later you receive a text message in your phone and you have no idea what it says. You recognize the package reference number and so you hop and skip for joy understanding that your parcel will soon be in your hands. Unfortunately, you don’t understand the rest of the message.

  1. Where must I collect it?
  2. Do I need an appointment?
  3. Do I need an identifying document?
  4. Do I have to pay tax?

The first notification

The first notification will be sent from Israel Post and will look something like this.

What does it say? Here is the translation.

Hello, your name, your parcel reference number xxxxxxx from AliExpress is on its way to Israel. Once it has been released from customs, it will be sent to a collection point associated with the address that you provided in your order. You can choose how you would like to have the parcel delivered (NOTE: you can self-collect or choose to have it delivered for a fee). https://israelpost…com If you do not choose an alternative delivery method, your parcel will be sent as per the supplier’s instructions. Note, the delivery method can only be changed prior to the parcel’s arrival in Israel.

Note: collection points could be a post office or a designated distribution point

The 2nd notification

A few days later you will receive the 2nd notification.

The message says: Dear client, your parcel reference number xxxxxxxxx from AliExpress has arrived in Israel and is on its way to you. To track the parcel, click on the link.

The 3rd notification

A few days after the second one, you will receive a 3rd notification.

It says; Hello, parcel reference number xxxxxxx has arrived in Israel and is waiting for you at ‘Location & Address’.

[You will notice there is a second reference number – in this case ג1843. This is the reference number you must present at the distribution center.]

Translation continues: Click on the link to arrange an appointment (The post office and some distribution centers require you to make an appointment ahead of time) or schedule a delivery to your address. Thank you, Israel Post.

Next notification

You could get another one or two reminder notifications if you do not collect your parcel in a timely manner. Parcels are usually kept for 14 days and then, if unclaimed, they are returned to the sender.

Finally, you have your parcel, but there is a final notification still to come.

Final notification

This notification says; Thank you for collecting parcel reference XXXXXXXXX. To improve our service, we would appreciate your answering 3 questions by following this link.

Finally, it says; We recommend that you register for MyPost (Hebrew) so that you can manage your deliveries. Thanks – Israel Post.

Answers to the questions

  1. You must collect your parcel at the collection point at the address provided in notification #3
  2. The post office requires you to make an appointment ahead of time via MyPost
  3. Yes, you need an ID document (teudat zehut, passport or driver’s license) together with the second reference number.
  4. You will be required to pay duty on personal imports above a $75 value.

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