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FinancesIsrael Minimum & Average Wage & Household Expenditure.

Israel Minimum & Average Wage & Household Expenditure.

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Last Updated on November 9, 2021

Israel’s Minimum Wage Law Update & Average Wage

Hebrew: שכר מינימום בישראל

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The Israel Minimum Wage Law

The Israel Minimum Wage Law was set up in 1987, and in brief it mandates the following:

  • An employee of the age of eighteen years or over, employed in a full-time position, is entitled to receive a wage not less than the minimum-wage-per-month, the daily minimum wage or the hourly minimum wage, as the case may be.
  • An employee employed in a part-time position is entitled to a partial minimum wage calculated in accordance with the part-time ration of his position.
  • If an employee is absent from work, the minimum wage to which he is entitled, shall be reduced in proportion to the time of his absence. However, if he is entitled to receive payment for the time he is absent (under any law, contract of employment, collective agreement etc.) the payment shall be in accordance with the provisions of that agreement.

From December 1st, 2017, The National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) stipulates the minimum gross wage in Israel as follows:

Israel minimum adult wage (age 18 and above)

  • Daily wage for worker employed 5 days a week: NIS 244.62 (as of Dec 01, 2017).
  • Daily wage for worker employed 6 days a week: NIS 212.00 (as of Dec 01, 2017).
  • Hourly wage: NIS 28.49 (as of Dec 01, 2017).
  • Monthly wage: NIS 5,300.00 (as of Dec 01, 2017).

Minimum wage in Israel for youth:

  • Ages 14-16 the minimum wage is now set at NIS 21.45 per hour
  • Ages 16-17 the minimum wage is now set at NIS 22.98 per hour
  • Ages 17-18 the minimum wage is now set at NIS 25.43 per hour

Labor laws for teens

Average wage in Israel under National Insurance Law

The average Israeli monthly wage as of August, 2021 stands at 11,300 New Israeli Shekels (figures released by the Central Bureau of Statistics) – a drop of 3% caused by the pandemic.

Average wage per industry

The latest list of average wages per industry has just been released by the Israel CBS and can be found here…

Please take a look before you go off to your job interview or negotiate your employment contract.

Average monthly, Israeli household income and expenditure

According to figures by the Central Bureau of Statistics’ 2018 Household Expenditure Survey, the average gross monthly income per Israeli household, including all sources of income are as follows:

Money expenditure

per household

Net money income

per household

Average Income

Women Monthly /per hour

Average Income

Men Monthly /per hour

12,323 NIS 15,427 NIS 7,666
51 NIS/hour
60 NIS/hour
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