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Israel TransportIsrel Road Safety Pledge

Isrel Road Safety Pledge

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Last Updated on December 3, 2021

Israel Road Safety Personal Pledge

Change one small behavior and you could save a life!

DRIVE SAFEAccording to the Israel Bureau of Statistics, from  2012 – 2016 there were 1,239 deaths on Israel’s roads.  We hear of a fatal road accident almost every single day. Let’s do our bit – let’s make Israel’s roads safer by increasing road safety awareness within our community.  Anashim B’Adom is a public organization that promotes road safety in Israel and they have joined and support our campaign. Anglos and members of the international community in Israel – let us come together and show our commitment to road safety.

It’s hard to change old habits.  But together, one small step at a time, we can make a difference.

Remember, your family needs you alive!

Drive safe

I pledge:

  1. Not to text while driving on the road, talk on a mobile phone unless it is hands-free, or wear headphones that prevent me from hearing other road users
  2. To limit conversations in the vehicle that might cause me to become distracted.
  3. To wear a seatbelt at all times and ensure that the passengers in my vehicle are securely strapped in. Baby car seats and booster seats must be secured according to the manufactures instructions.
  4. To obey the speed limit, to slow down near schools and hospitals.  I will maintain a safe distance from the car in front of me.
  5. To use my indicators at all times. In bad weather, wet or slippery roads and low visibility, I will use headlights and adjust my speed accordingly.
  6. Not to overtake on a solid white line and only when the road markings allow me to do so. I will not use the shoulder of the road to overtake another vehicle.
  7. Not to drink and drive or while under the influence of drugs. I will not drive when I am fatigued or when my reaction and response time could be impaired for any reason
  8. To be courteous and respectful of other drivers and pedestrians, or anyone who is on the street or sidewalk
  9. To ensure that my vehicle is properly maintained and my brakes and tyres, including the spare, are in good order

Cycle safe

I pledge:

  1. To cycle in single file so that motorists can maintain a safe driving speed and distance.
  2. To wear a helmet on all two-wheeled vehicles (bicycle, motorcycle, scooter) for my own safety
  3. Not to weave in and out of traffic or use the pedestrian crossings to beat traffic lights
  4. To ensure that my cycle’s reflectors are clearly visible

Walk safe

I pledge:

  1. To walk on sidewalks and footpaths and avoid walking next to the curb or on the road wherever possible.
  2. Cross at pedestrian crossings.
  3. Help other road users to see me especially in low visibility conditions

Child safe

I pledge:

  1. Educate my children on road safety
  2. Not allow any of my children under the age of 8 to cross a road unaccompanied by a responsible person.
  3. Make sure my children are buckled up.
  4. I will make sure that my vehicle is properly ventilated and I will not leave children or pets unattended in my vehicle at any time.


Brush up on road-signs, road safety tips, learn key Hebrew words and know to swap details after an accident

Thank you for making a commitment to keep Israel’s roads safe

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