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How Infidelity Affects Divorce

How does infidelity affect divorce? Is infidelity grounds for divorce? Is it legally justified? What does Jewish law say? By: Adv. Jay Hait.

3 Big Divorce Challenges Jewish Women Face

What are the 3 big challenges Jewish women face when getting divorced? Adv. Jay Hait, a family law expert in Israel explains.

Israelis don’t drink too much tea!

International Tea Day is observed on December 15th in many countries in the East, in Africa and here in Israel too.

Hebrew-English: Falafel

Learn new Hebrew 'Falafel' words - a favorite Israeli food - with English and transliterations. Are you one of those people that eats falafel at...

After Aliyah

If you've made it to this section of the website it means that you have probably overcome many of the initial Aliyah or relocation hurdles.

Your last will & testament for funeral & burial arrangements in Israel

Adding addendums in your last will & testament for funeral & burial arrangements in Israel. By. Adv. Jay Hait In my office's elder law practice (where...

Worldwide Jewish Population

The Worldwide Jewish Population stands at 15.2 million. Nearly 7 million Jews live in Israel and over 8 million live outside of Israel.

Isrel Road Safety Pledge

Israel Road Safety Personal Pledge Change one small behavior and you could save a life! According to the Israel Bureau of Statistics, from  2012 - 2016...

Sports for Anglos in Israel

The Most Popular Sports for Anglos in Israel. The English speaking, and international communities are playing their favorite national sports in Israel. There are  teams...

Popular Israel Street Names

Popular Israel street names include: Yitzhak Rabin, Ben Gurion, Menachem Begin, Chaim Weizmann and... שמות של רחובות בישראל

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