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Paying your vehicle license online.

The Israel Ministry of Transport has made it easier to renew your vehicle license - you can do it online. Instructions for paying

How many private motor vehicles are there on Israel’s roads?

Hybrid, manual or automatic - how many cars are there on Israel's roads? According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics as at December 2020...

Speed limits on Israel’s roads and highways.

What are the speed limits on Israel's roads, highways and toll roads? Unless otherwise indicated or instructed, the default speed limits in Israel are: 50 km/h...

Safety on Israel’s roads.

Brush up on road safety, traffic and driving laws for Israel. Driving above the speed limit, bad road conditions, missing road signs, irate and irresponsible...

Highway 22 Haifa

Highway 22, between Haifa and Akko is a convenient alternative to Highway 4 which has endless intersections and travel time on this route is

Israel Driver’s License Renewal.

Renewing your Israel Driver's License Hebrew: חידוש רישיון נהיגה Transliteration: Hidush R'shayon Nehiga After completing the minimum required number of lessons and passing the practical driver's test,...

Swapping Details After an Accident

Swapping Details After an Accident However minor you think a car accident is, you must stop and failing to do so is an offense. Swapping...

Driving & Road Safety Regulations on Israel’s Roads: Turn your headlights on.

From November 1st - Mandatory driving regulations - Turn your headlights on! We would like to remind you that from November 1st when the winter...

Isrel Road Safety Pledge

Israel Road Safety Personal Pledge Change one small behavior and you could save a life! According to the Israel Bureau of Statistics, from  2012 - 2016...

Hebrew-English: Owning a Vehicle

Learn new Hebrew words and phrases with English and transliterations Owning a Car - בעלות רכב English Transliteration Hebrew Accident (motor) Te'u'na תאונה Air conditioner Maz'gan מזגן Alarm A'za'ka אזעקה Automatic Oto'ma'ti אוטומטי Bicycle Of'na'yim אופניים Brakes Bla'mim בלמים Buyer Ko'neh קונה Car O'to / Me'cho'nit אוטומכונית Chassis number Mis'par Shil'da מספר שלדה Commercial vehicle Re'chev Mis'cha'ri רכב...

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