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EmploymentIsrael Unemployment Benefits - "Avtala"

Israel Unemployment Benefits – “Avtala”

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Last Updated on November 23, 2021

What are unemployment benefits are there in Israel?

Hebrew:  דמי אבטלה בישראל

unemployment officeIn order to receive unemployment benefits in Israel, from Bituach Leumi – The National Insurance Institute –  you must:

  1. Be a resident of Israel between the ages of 20 and  the recognized retirement age for men and women
  2. Be a demobilized soldier or a national service volunteer within one year of demobilization.
  3. Be a salaried employee of a legal business prior to being unemployed.
  4. You are registered with the National Employment service
  5. You are willing to work in your profession or another appropriate job if a job can be found for your by the employment service.
  6. You have accumulated a sufficient number of working days – the qualifying period – as stipulated by law.

What do I do when I have been fired, dismissed or made redundant?

  1. Make sure your employer hands you a document confirming your status – a notice of dismissal.  This document should state the reason for your dismissal, date of employment and date of dismissal.
  2. Report immediately to the Employment Service (Lishkat HaTaasuka) and register with them.  Failure to report may jeopardize your eligibility.

The Employment Service will then allocate a day and time at which you are required to report on a weekly basis, or as instructed.  Failure to adhere to this regulation will result in you not receiving your unemployment benefits.

The maximum period of entitlement varies according to age and number of dependents.

Visit the Bituach Leumi English website for more detailed information on this topic.


When visiting the Employment Service for the first time, you need to present the following documents:

  • Teudat Zehut
  • IDF discharge documents, if applicable
  • A confirmation letter from your employer with the dates of your employment period, the reason for your dismissal, your employers signature and stamp
  • Copies of you salary statements – tlush maskoret.  Use our Hebrew English translated payslip
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