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EmploymentNotice of Dismissal - Israel Labor Laws

Notice of Dismissal – Israel Labor Laws

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Last Updated on August 1, 2014

Notice of Dismissal – Israel Labor Laws.

It’s a grey day when you are given notice by your employer.  Don’t despair – you have legal rights.

The notice period on the side of the employer

notice of dismissalIn order to terminate your employment contract your employer is obligated, by law, to give you  prior notice.  Rules for monthly employees differ to those for employees paid on a daily basis, as follows:

A monthly employee – during his/her first year of employment, is entitled to a 1 day notice period for each month during the first 6 months of work, and thereafter,  2.5 days for every following month with a maximum of 3 weeks. After completion of a full year at work the employee is entitled to a one month notice period

Daily employees are entitled to 1 day for each month during their first year of employment. Once a full year at work has been completed, the employee is entitled to 2 weeks. During the second year of employment, the employee is entitled to 2 weeks plus an extra day for each 2 working months thereafter in that year.  From the third year of employment an employee is entitled to 1 months notice.

The notice period on the side of the employee

An employee wishing to give notice of his/her intention to leave must give the employer similar notice as described above.
Please note:  your employment contract may stipulate different conditions.  Unless otherwise stipulated, the above conditions apply.

Prior notice on the side of the employer

Should your employer fail to give you prior notice, as stipulated by law, than you, the employee, is entitled to receive a wage equal to the wage would would have received for the period of the prior notice.

Prior notice on the side of the employee

Should the employee not give prior notice, the employer may lawfully deduct an amount equal to the period of prior notice from your wage.

Written confirmation of termination of employment

An employer must provide a written confirmation of termination.  This confirmation must  contain both the date of commencement of work and the date of termination. This written confirmation must be given to you, the employee no more than 15 days after the last day of work.  Should the employer refuse to give such approval or confirmation, the employee can approach the labor office. Your employee can be fined for refusing to give the written approval.


Learn New Hebrew Employment Words & Phrases with transliterations

English Transliteration Hebrew
Dismissal Piturin פיטורין
Employee Oved עובד
Employer Ma’avid מעביד
Employment Taasuka תעסוקה
Employment contract Heskem avoda הסכם עבודה
Notice period before dismissal Tkufat hoda’a mukdemet lifnei piturin תקופת הודעה מוקדמת לפני פיטורין
Notice of resignation Hoda’at hitpatrut הודעת התפטרות
Salary / wages Maskoret משכורת
Unemployment Avtala אבטלה



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