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Israel TransportTikTak Egged Taxi Service

TikTak Egged Taxi Service

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Last Updated on August 10, 2020

Egged’s TikTak taxi transport service.

In Haifa, and coming soon to Jerusalem, the new Egged TikTak taxi transport service (Hebrew: תיקתק).

Now in Haifa and soon in Jerusalem, you can order a taxi via Egged.  From Sunday to Thursday (between 6am and 9pm), the TikTak Egged taxi comes to you and drops you off at your destination anywhere within the Haifa area.  These 10-seater mini vans resemble a sherut but instead they are painted green, yellow and white rather than the black, yellow and white of a regular sherut.

tiktak egged
An Egged TikTak minivan (Image credit: Egged)

TikTak fare

The base-rate passenger fare is 10NIS but in some instances it can also be 12.50NIS – 15.00NIS in peak hours (from age 5 upwards).

To use of the TikTak service and order their taxi, you need to download the TikTak app (in Hebrew only) from the Google Play, Apple Store or from the Egged website, and fill in your personal details; name, address etc.  A confirmation code is sent to your mobile phone.  Punch in the confirmation code and you will be directed to fill in your credit card details.  Payment is via credit card only and your receipt is sent to your email account. The TikTak ticket costs 120NIS for 10 rides. You can check your account anytime via the app.

The app  was a bit tricky at first but once you understand it, it’s easy to navigate.

The app asks you for your departure address and destination address. Specify the number of passengers and then the exact fare will be quoted.  A timetable will show up with the closest point of departure (usually at a bus stop nearby) and you need to select the time convenient for you, accept and confirm.

The confirmation message will together with a map, tell you the name of the bust stop, the bus stop number, the driver’s name, the license registration number of the vehicle and the time of arrival.  We suggest that you take a screen shot of the confirmation message as checking back afterwards becomes a nuisance.

It is extremely important to note that bus stops on both sides of the road very often have the same name, but each stop has its own identifying number and TikTak pick-up is according to the bus-stop number (not the name),

Is there a senior citizens’ discount?

A 50% fare discount is offered to senior citizens.  Upon registration (via the app), senior citizens are required to attach a copy of their senior citizen card.

Scheduled pick-up time and location

Prior to your journey, you will receive details regarding pick-up time and precise location (usually at a bus stop near you).

Can I order the TikTak service in advance?

TikTak service allows you to order a few hours ahead of time.  Order it when you need it and details of pick-up time and location will be sent to you. If ordered on the spot, you can expect to wait 10 – 15 minutes for the TikTak taxi.

Is TikTak disabled friendly?

Egged’s TikTak vehicles are disabled friendly. Vehicles are equipped accordingly and drivers are trained to assist those in need.  Upon registration, you must provide details of your disability so that a suitable vehicle is made available to you.

Does TikTak work with the RavKav?

You do not need a RavKav for the TikTak service.  TikTak is charged to your credit card.

Service area

TikTak serves the greater Haifa region; from the southern entrance to Haifa goring northwards to Hotzut Hamifratz and eastwards to the university.

Image credit: Egged

User experience

A 5 star experience is what a seasoned Oleh in Haifa (with Hebrew skills) gave the entire TikTak experience – from downloading the app, ordering the taxi and getting to his destination.  He experienced a challenging moment when uploading his senior citizens card but on the second attempt, it worked fine. 

We give this experience a 4 star rating.  We would have given it a 5 if there had been an English user interface.  All other aspects of the app, pick-up and drop-off worked seamlessly.  The drivers were friendly and courteous and via the app, they even knew my name.

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