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Travel & TourBest 5 tourist attractions on Israel's Northern Coast.

Best 5 tourist attractions on Israel’s Northern Coast.

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Last Updated on December 3, 2021

Best 5 sites on the Northern Coast of Israel.

If you are planning a long weekend on Israel’s northern most coast, you should plan to take in The Ghetto Fighters’ House at Kibbutz Lohamei HaGetta’ot, the Tunnels and the Tunisian Synagogue in Akko, the unspoiled beaches that stretch from Nahariya and beyond Achziv and then of course the grottoes at Rosh Hanikra.

1. The Tunisian Synagogue in Akko

Stained glass windows at the Tunisian Shul in Akko
Stained glass windows at the Tunisian Synagogue in Akko

The 4 story building is covered with mosaics from floor to ceiling. Scenes of ancient Israel, the Twelve Tribes, Jewish symbols and more decorate every surface; walls, floors, ceilings, stairwells and handrails.  Panel after panel of mosaics!  The doors to the main Ark (on the second floor), are made of silver and engraved with text and blessings

2. The Templar Tunnels in Akko

The Templars  first settled in Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount, hence their name, “the Templars” or the guardians of the Temple. In the early 12th century they made their home in Akko and began to build their quarter in the City’s southwest section. The Templar Fortress, built on the western edge of the tunnel was the strongest one in the city.  The tunnel is 350 meters long and it extends from the fortress the city’s port in the east. It crosses Pisan quarter and served as a strategic underground passageway that connected the palace to the port.

3. The Ghetto Fighters’ House at Kibbutz Lohamei HaGetta’ot

lohamei hagetaot musuem

The Ghetto Fighters’ House founded in 1949 by Holocaust survivors and members of the Jewish underground in the ghettos of Poland, and veterans of partisan units. The Ghetto Fighters’ House was the first museum in the world to commemorate the memory of the Holocaust and Jewish resistance. The Yizkor Hall allows the public access to the archives and art collections for viewing.  Of special interest is the Yad LeYeled memorial museum which helps to introduces young children to the Holocaust.

Travel north along Highway 4 on the right hand side of the road a few kilometers from the Akko junction.

4. Achziv Beach – North of Nahariya

About 5km north of the quaint town of Nahariya, and a little before Rosh Hanikra lies Achziv.  There are a few beaches here that you may want to try. For some there is an entrance fee and others are free. You’ll find marine life, sea anemones, urchins and even turtles amongst the rocks. Treat yourself to a late afternoon visit and watch a magnificent sunset.

5. Rosh Hanikra

Rosh hanikrah

Israel’s border with Lebanon is at the only point where the sea meets the cliffs. Here you will also find the grottoes and cable-car. The site is suitable for all ages and recommended all year round!  The grottoes were formed in the wake of underground shocks that ripped open gaps within the bedrock. Slowly, rainwater penetrated these rifts, forming tunnels and caves that continued to expand due to the waves that slammed against the rock. 

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