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7 Southern African countries now on Israel’s barred list

Travel to and from 7 Southern African countries now barred. Seven countries in Southern Africa were placed on Israel's latest red list of barred...

Find and compare cheap flights & hotels

The best flight deals from Ben Gurion Intl Get back out there for less with the lowest fares we’ve found this week. See more deals Most popular...

Israel travel ban has been lifted for all countries.

Israel Covid travel ban was lifted on 7.01.22 at 00.01am. Israelis can now travel to any country that welcomes Israeli travelers. Foreigners

Traveling abroad to Tbilisi, Georgia

Things to know before visiting Georgia - a guide for Israelis. With the easing of travel restrictions, we are all keen to take a well...

Cost of a summer vacation in Israel – 2021

Cost of a summer vacation - 2021. The large travel websites say that the average nightly cost of a vacation in Israel is approximately 350...

Tips for Israelis visiting Athens

Tips for Israelis visiting Athens in summer 2021. Here are our tips for visiting Athens. If you're planning to travel to Greece, here's what you'll need to know...

Best time to visit Israel

When is the best time to visit Israel? If you are planning a trip, you might be asking when is the best and cheapest time...

Israel Winter Hike in Nahal Refaim

A perfect hike in Israel's Nahal Refaim. Guest contributor: Susannah Schild from her blog HikingInTheHolyLand.com I promised myself that this winter, I’d walk along a river that...

Explore the Dead Sea.

Now is the best time to explore the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth - 430 meters below sea level...

Visit the City of Acre/Akko in Israel – עכו

The City of Acre/Akko is about 25km north of Haifa and is one of the most ancient cities in the world. Sites, attractions, transport &

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