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Consumer ReportsCost of a summer vacation in Israel - 2021

Cost of a summer vacation in Israel – 2021

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Last Updated on September 12, 2021

Cost of a summer vacation – 2021.

The large travel websites say that the average nightly cost of a vacation in Israel is approximately 350 shekels per person. This figure is more or less accurate when you average out the cost of hotels and other types of guest lodgings – generally cost of hotel accommodation for a summer vacation is much more.

netanya beach

As we come out of  corona, a summer vacation is more appealing than ever. Although some hotels are already fully booked for the summer holidays, you can still find accommodation and it’s not too late to make a booking.

Family holidays are often stressful with everyone wanting something else. Plan every detail of your trip before you set out – meals, transport, entrance into attractions and even your daily itinerary.  Discuss it with family members so they know what to expect.

For our current  price check, we based our research on:

  • A 7 night summer stay at popular hotel chains, kibbutz hotels, zimmerim and Airbnb
  • One room: 2 adults basic rate – no meals included
  • Zimmerim are in close proximity to the main centers and we quoted the cheapest rate
  • Airbnb, also in close proximity and here we also looked for the cheapest rate
  • All prices are quoted per night. Some hotels offer a cheaper rate for long stays and if you are a member of a hotel or airline reward club, you can usually look forward to a 10% discount

Prices quoted here were advertised on the official website’s of each hotel chain, zimmerim.co.il and Airbnb and are correct as of May 19th, 2021. We chose the cheapest hotel, zimmer or Airbnb.

It is likely that you could get a package deal on sites like Daka99, Ophir Tours, ISTA, Mona Tours, Diezenhaus, Eshet and others.  These sites however, mostly offer fixed accommodation dates.

A peak season flight to Eilat – one way – starts at 170 shekels.

We cannot guarantee any of the prices at the actual time of booking. 

Price of accommodation for two adults/per night and  no meals included – quoted in Shekels (VAT for Israelis, is not included)

Jerusalem  Eilat  Dead Sea Kinneret Tel Aviv Haifa Area
Dan Panorama 870 1,456 950 829
Leonardo 1,210 800 765
Isrotel 1,230 800 1,300 1,020
Club Hotel 1,410
Prima Hotel 700 1,000 810 580 600
Kibbutz hotels close by  740 1,100 650
Zimmerim close by 590 450 450 300 550 600
Airbnb close by 230 215 242 225 185 200

We noticed that many of the hotels were cheaper now than they were in 2018. The price of zimmerim has gone up – perhaps, because of Covid, people prefer to not to stay in hotels. Airbnb stays are cheaper too and there are some really good special offers for accommodation abroad.

Other destinations you might want to consider

  • 250 shekels per night at the Nakhil Inn in Nuweiba, Sinai
  • The Park Inn by Radisson in Bucharest comes in at 205 shekels/night
  • Novotel in Paris is yours for 496 shekels/night
  • Westin Hotel at Times Square, New York – 650 shekels/night
  • The Table Bay Hotel on Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront is yours for 720 shekels/night
  • An apartment, on Airbnb, in Tbilisi can be had for as little as 55 shekels per night.

Your vacation is not just the cost of accommodation, there are other things to consider when planning your budget. You need to factor in food, transport (airfares and land-fares), car rental if necessary, entrance and admissions to attractions, food and incidentals. Don’t forget to budget for what Israelis call “bizboozim” בזבוזים – literally it means spending money with an inference for ‘wasting’. It could be the money you didn’t plan to spend at Sephora or Primark but you just couldn’t resist or the Columbia jacket that was a steal on the end-of-season-sale.

If you are travelling abroad don’t forget to check Covid entry requirements and fill in the declaration of good health – submit it online and print out a hard copy (just in case).

If you are travelling locally make sure that your green pass is valid – it usually has to be updated regularly.

Have a wonderful time!

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