Israel family-friendly attractions

israel family-friendly attractions
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Last Updated on November 27, 2021

Fun things to do! Some of Israel’s kid- and family-friendly attractions and activities for vacation time.

israel family-friendly attractions
The Jerusalem Festival of Light (Image credit:

Your kids get bored easily and you are looking for free or inexpensive outings for the 2 month long, summer vacation. There never needs to be a dull moment! Israel is jam-packed with fun family-friendly attractions and experiences, great days out, cultural and educational activities keep your kids occupied and entertained.

1.  Understanding water and the environment

What happens to our waste water? Igudan (the Dan Region Association of Towns for Sewage and Environmental Issues) assigns great importance to promoting and fostering environmental awareness in the community. Igudan’s Visitors Center in Rishon Lezion is an educational-ecological center, committed to expanding environmental education. Underground life in the Dan Region is exhibited for visitors throughout the Visitors Center tour. The interactive experience at the center combines educational films, a simulation of an underground pipe and an introduction to the water cycling process. The tour at the center lasts approximately 2 hours in three optional sessions that take place each day at 09:30, 11:30 and 13.30.  Cost: 15NIS/person.  More info on their website

2.  Watt – learning about electricity!!

Ever asked yourself where electricity comes from and why it is considered the lifeblood of the modern world? The Israel Electric Company’s visitor center will give you answers and open a window to a world you didn’t know. The production and supply of electricity are complex processes, combining advanced and delicate technology, large installations and tiny components, planning and backup.  Countrywide visitor centers are open to the general public by appointment. Visits are free of charge. At this stage there are no visits to the visitors center at the Rutenberg power station. Those interested in visiting the Orot Rabin and Heftziba visitor centers are invited to call: 076-86-44333

3.  Get in touch with your past

Close to Tzippori, located at Hoshaya, Kfar Kedem recreates the day-to-day life of ancient Israel from the time of the Bible and the Mishnah. At Kfar Kedem you can ride the rolling hills as Abraham rode them. Take in the scents that Jacob smelled tending Laban’s flocks. Hear the words of the prophets as you thresh grain, make cheese, bread, spin wool, press olive oil from fresh olives and wine from fresh grapes. You can even dress up like them!  Call +972-4-6565511 for more information.

4.  Hand’s on at the science museums

What better way for your kids to learn about science, physics and technology than a hands on  visit to one of Israel’s many science museums; the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, the Madatech in Haifa, the Israel Children’s Museum in Holon, Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum in Ramat Gan, Man and The Living World Museum also in Ramat Gan, The Garden of Science in Rehovot, to name just a few. More info here

5.  Light up their lives

The annual Jerusalem Festival of Light in which the Old City of Jerusalem is brought to light. Dramatic light-ups of the ancient architecture of the Old City as well as the installation of light statues, performances, and pieces of museum artwork conceived by some of the leading light artists from Israel and the world are complemented by onstage and street performances. The 2019 Jerusalem Festival of Light will take place between June 26 – July 4. Entrance to the festival is free of charge and suitable for all ages, from 20:00-23:00, except Friday night. Maps and tourist information at the Jaffa Gate.

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