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5 Best Museums in Jerusalem

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Last Updated on November 23, 2021

Our favorite 5 museums in Jerusalem

When visiting Jerusalem, many people would only associate it as being a city that forms an integral part of ‘The Holy Land.’  As with other cities around the world though, most of Jerusalem’s tourist attractions are steeped in ancient history, together with this  there are an incredible number of museums for visitors and tourists to spend time. Below is a list of just five of our favorite, best and most popular Jerusalem museums that can be enjoyed if you decide to travel Israel.

1. The Tower of David Museum / David’s Citadel

David's Citadel

Located close to the Jaffa Gate entrance to the Old City, this fortress was originally built in medieval times but through the ages many additions have been made.  The outer walls of the Citadel are surrounded by a moat.  The structure commonly referred to as the Tower of David is actually a minaret built by the Turks in the 17th Century.   Spectacular views of Jerusalem – old and new – can be seen from the Citadel.  A spectacular night sound and light show takes place 4 times a week.  Entrance to the museum: 40 shekels per adult.  Entrance to the sound and light show: 55 shekels per adult or the two-in-one combo ticket is 70 shekels.  Tickets can be purchased online.

Address: Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem
Phone: +972-2-622-2313

2. Bloomfield Science Museum

Numerous interactive exhibits, works of art and a host of family-friendly activities make this one of the most visited Jerusalem museums ever. Most activities here are suitable for family members of all ages, which means that you can be sure to find a good few hours’ worth of entertainment here. A family favorite includes the bubble-making display corner in which huge bubbles are produced by chains and sticks.  There are many interactive exhibits demonstrating the laws of physics, technology, electricity, Israeli inventions and so much more. Although entrance  may seem a little steep – 79 shekels per person, it allows you to take part in every activity that is taking place at the museum.  There are also family rates, group rates and other discounted entrance fees.

Address: Museum Row, Jerusalem
Phone: +972-2-654-4888

3. The Museum of Natural History

Situated in a historic, 19th Century structure in Jerusalem’s German Colony neighborhood, this museum also promises to provide hours of non-stop family entertainment. Children and adults alike will be enthralled with the enlarged spider display, the ‘human body’ exhibit will show your child how everything inside the human body looks and operates. The dinosaur exhibit and a taxidermy display are firm favorites. There is also a geology section where numerous precious stones can be seen as well as numerous temporary displays which change on a regular basis. At only 15 shekels per adult and 12 shekels for children, the Museum of Natural History is well worth a visit.

Address: 10 Hamagid St, Jerusalem
Phone: +972-2-563-1116

4. The Israel Museum

This is one of the Jerusalem museums that you could easily spend the entire day visiting, simply because there is so much to see and do. Favorite museum wings include The Shrine of the Book housing the Dead Sea Scrolls.  There is also the Second Temple Model; this  50:1 scale model, covers nearly one acre.  There are many guided tours within the museum and a minimum of 3 participants per tour are required. Aside from the permanent exhibitions, there are around 15 current exhibitions to enjoy as well.  At the end of the day relax and ‘chill’ in the  Billy Rose Art Garden. Ticket price: 50 shekels per adult and 25 shekels for ages 5 to 17.  Other ticket prices available too.  Tickets can be ordered online.

Address: 11 Ruppin Boulevard, Givat Ram
Phone: +972-2-670-8811

5. Yad Vashem

yad vashem museum

More than a million visitors pass through this museum each year.  The Yad Vashem is a living memorial solely dedicated to the millions of people who endured or were murdered in the Holocaust.  Prepare yourself for a somber experience.  There is an extensive array of personal items, video clips, survivor testimonies, detailed methods of persecution used by the Nazi’s and numerous stories describing the lives of the Jewish people before and during Hitler’s rule.  Over four of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their accomplices, have been recorded in the central database of Shoah victims.  Entrance to the Holocaust History Museum and all its sites is free.

Address: Har Hazikaron
Phone: +972-2-644-3400

Museum tip

There are numerous other museums that can be visited while traveling Israel all of which are guaranteed to keep your family enthralled for hours – some are free during Pesach and Sukkot.

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