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Hebrew EnglishNeck, army, and other confusing Hebrew words

Neck, army, and other confusing Hebrew words

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Last Updated on November 25, 2021

How do you say these 5 words in Hebrew?

Did you ask your lawyer for a copy of your mother-in-law’s ‘neck’ rather than a copy of her ‘will‘?  Have you asked your pharmacist to recommend something for your kafkafim (sandals) instead of your kaskasim (dandruff)?

Here are a few more Hebrew words we often confuse and are worth learning:

Hebrew Transliteration English Meaning
צבע Tzavah He painted
צבא Tzava Army
צואר/צוואר Tzavar The neck
צואה Tzava Last will and testament
צבה Tzaveh Swollen or distended
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