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Learn Hebrew in lockdown. How do you say Attorney General in Hebrew?

What is the Hebrew word for Attorney General?

The Attorney General of Israel (Hebrew: היועץ המשפטי לממשלה‎, Ha-Yo'etz Ha-Mishpati La-Memshala) is the Legal Advisor to the Government) heads the legal system of the executive branch and the public prosecution of the state. The Attorney General advises the government in legal matters, represents the state authorities in court, advises in the preparation of legal memoranda for the government in general and the Justice Minister in particular. Likewise s/he examines and advises upon private member bills in the Knesset. The Attorney General serves for a year single term. The incumbent Attorney General of Israel is Avichai Mandelblit.

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What is the Hebrew abbreviation for Attorney General?

When you graduate from new immigrant status - "Oleh Hadash"  to immigrant - "Oleh" or to veteran resident - "Vatik", your Hebrew language skills will have developed to the point where you are confident enough to use acronyms and abbreviated forms of Hebrew words and phrases in you daily communications with others, and in this website you will find numerous examples thereof.

For example, you will hear Israelis speaking about GAVNATZ (yellow cheese) and not GVINA TZEHUBA - the abbreviation turned into an acronymת and it is no different in the Attorney General's office. 


English Term Transliteration Acronym  Abbreviation Hebrew Word
Attorney General Yoetz Mishpati YOAMASH יועמ"ש יועץ המשפטי


Why is the Attorney General in the news?


In the matter of PM Benjamin Netanyahu's connection to the Submarine Affair, the Knesset's Attorney General Prof. Sagit Afik confirmed that the cancellation of the initial vote on a probe on was legal.


Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel (who is infected with Covid-19) violated lockdown directives over Yom Kippur.  She could face a criminal investigation for violating the lockdown.  It is reported that she withheld information on her whereabouts from the Health Ministry for over 24 hours.

The police are weighing asking prosecutors to open a criminal probe into Gamliel's behavior.  If it is confirmed that she lied to Health Ministry contact tracers, then Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit (Heb: יועמ"ש YOAMASH) would have to authorize such an investigation.


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