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Learn Hebrew: Lunacy

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Last Updated on January 12, 2022

The Academy of Hebrew Learning declared “Lunacy” as the word of the year.

Every year, from thousands of nominations by the public, the Academy of Hebrew Learning chooses one stand-out word.

Announced on Thursday, 23 December, 2021 the word of the year is tirlul (Hebrew: טירלול) which is best translated into English as “lunacy”.

Nine words stood out and “lunacy” – tirlul – טירלול was the winner with 32% of the vote. Second place went to hisun – חיסון – vaccine with 17% of the vote. Next was tashnit – תשנית – mutation, with 12% of the vote and dahaf – דחף, or booster, got 10% of the vote. Other words included; aklim (climate), medaliyat zahav (gold medal), pkakim (traffic jams), shigra (routine) and shinuy (change)

How to use טירלול in a sentence?

Hebrew: טירלול הקורונה מתרחב

Transliteration: Tirlul hakorona mitrachev

Translation: Lunacy over Corona is widening

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טירלול or טרלולTirlulLunacy
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