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festival of festivals haifa
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Last Updated on November 28, 2011

Program of events – Haifa’s Holiday of Holidays and Festival of Festivals 2017

Hebrew: חג החגים חיפה


festival of festivals haifa 

This year, 2017, Haifa celebrates the 24th Holiday of Holidays Festival. The festival aims to cultivate and advance tolerance and mutual respect through culture and art. This year the Holiday of Holidays Festival (sometimes called the Festival of Festivals or in Hebrew Chag HaChagim) spans 3 weekends.  It is always celebrated in December.  A new and different theme is chosen each year.  More here…

We’re happy to share the program of events with you translated from Hebrew to English.  Have fun and see you there!


Antiques Fair  

Popular with visitors, the antiques fair is an integral part of the Festival

8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, 22nd & 23rd.12.17

Bet Hageffen

From 10:00 a.m.

Family Stage  
Circus action 15th & 17th.12.17  11:00
Hen Margalit 16.12.17  11:00
Shambuki show 16.12.17 13:15
Christmas Parade 16.12.17  14:30
Red Riding Hood – DAVAI 23.12.17 12:00
Music & rythms 23.12.17 13:00
Naima 23.12.17 15:00
Food tasting in the Wadi
13th, 14th,15th, 21st & 22nd.12.17
9:00, 10:00, 11:30, 12:30, 14:00
Haifa and the holiday lights 15.12.17 09:00
Special Events  
Self Collecting (tips for starting a collection) 14.12.17 Alkarma 19:00
MFA Exhibition 15.12.17 Shizef School 9:00
Dabka Party 16.12.17 14:00
At the Galilees Pave 16.12.17 14:00
Holiday Lights 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th.12.17 17:00 City Mall Outlet
Be Kind 20.12.17 Beit Hageffen 18:00
Ori Meir 20.12.17 20:00
Less than 1000 art 20.12.17 Sarah 7 Gallery 20:30
The Right Cup 20.12.17 Alkarma 21:00
 Liturgical Music (ticket sales
No. 7

“On Love and Sin” – Phoenix Ensemble


20:30 Studio Club

No. 8

The Israel Vocal Ensemble


13:00 Greek Orthodox Church

No. 9

Violin & Piano Recital


20:00 Rappaport/Auditorium

No. 10
 The Meggido Choir


11:00 St. Johns Church

No. 11 Barrocade Ensemble


13:00 Greek Orthodox Church

No. 12 Piano Recital


20:00 Rappaport/Auditorium

Golza 15.12.17 21:30 Beit HaGeffen
Shanti Baba Ensemble 16.12.17 11:00 & 13:30 Beit HaGeffen
Elias Subi 16.12.07 11:00 & 13:30 Lower Wadi
Beats contemporary circus 16.12.17 11:00 Beit HaGeffen
Harel Shahal & the Ottomans 16.12.17 11:50 & 14:20
Carmel Sol Orchestra 16.12.17 12:00 & 13:00 Haifa Museums Education Center
Holy Lindy Land – Swing Dancing 16.12.17 12:00 Beit Ha Geffen
Albi Trio 16.12.17 12:40 & 15:10
 Duo Quanum Percussions 23.12.17 11:00
Farat Rajar Rock Band 23.12.17 11:50
The Djamchid Sisters 23.12.17 12:00 Haifa Museums Education Center
One Man Party 23.12.17 12:30
The Sounds of Marrakech 23.12.17 12:40
Exodus Trip 23.12.17 12:40 Lower Wadi
Carmela Modern Dance 23.12.07 13:00 Haifa Museums Education Center
Haifa and the Holiday Lights Outdoor Painting Workshop – From the Studio for Urban Space 16.12.17 11:00 Haifa Museums Education Center
Creating decorative lamps  10.12.17 10:00 Haifa Museums Education Center 

A selection of art exhibitions and guided tours of some of Haifa’s popular museums and galleries.  More information

Everyday of the festival at regular intervals from 09:30 –>15:00

Haifa Musuem of Art, Bet Hageffen, In the Wadi, Downtown, Haifa City Museum, Turkish market

 The local Santa Claus Parade will leave from Allenby Street near Wadi Nisnas at 14:30 on December 16th, 2017

 Haifa Municipality reserves the right to alter the schedule.  Should it rain the Family Stage performances will move to Bet Hageffen

General festival information and tips…


While you are in Haifa

You must sample the best hummus ever

Take in some of the other sites. There is plenty to do in Haifa & The North

Take advantage of all the free entertainment and culture in Haifa

Stroll through the streets and discover Israel’s 3rd largest city.  Living in Haifa is quite unique



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