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Best Places to Eat Hummus in Israel

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Last Updated on November 21, 2021

The Best Hummus in Israel

Spelled hummous, hummus or houmous, pronounced with a gutteral “ggghhh’ sound, as if you need to clear your throat (and not hoo-moos) is a  Levantine and Egyptian food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. It is popular throughout the Middle East and in Middle Eastern cuisine around the globe.

“Wiping” hummus with pita

As you land at Ben Gurion International Airport, the first question you’ll need answered is: “Where is the best place to eat hummus?”.  Some of the best Hummus establishments are Arab owned, so if you are looking for a Kosher establishment ask to see certification.

We asked members of the community including some immigrants (olim (Heb: vatikim) to make their recommendations for the best hummus eateries. They took up the challenge and let’s see what they had to say…

Abu Gosh

The best hummus in Israel can be found at the Abu Gosh Restaurant in Abu Gosh an Arab village on the main highway, close to Jerusalem just opposite the Haredi Ultra-Orthodox community in Telzstone (Kiryat Ye’arim).  Abu Gosh has been nominated as the ‘best ever’ on TripAdvisor and it’s even listed in Wikipedia.


Hummus Sayeed in the old city of Akko.  Ask anyone for directions.  Be prepared to wait in a long queue

Deir El Assad (near Karmiel)

Hummus HaMelachim (The King of Falafel):  Sharon says “It’s absolutely the best”


Hummus Eliyahu on Dubnov St.  Victor says that it’s the best.

Abu Yousuf:  Robin says that she’s been going there for years and that they serve the best hummus in Haifa

Abu Shaker – a few doors away from Abu Yousuf.  Their hummus and ful (fava beans) is hard to beat.  Ask for extra lemon, parsley and olive oil.

Hod HaSharon

Ilan nominated ‘Kaduri’ in Hod HaSharon as the best.

Ilan nominated ‘Kaduri’ in Hod HaSharon as the best.


Hummus Ben Sira located on the street with the same name.  Aaron voted this as the best Jerusalem hummus establishment.

Rosh Pina

Rosh Pina is a quaint little town in Northern Israel close to Kiryat Shmona.  If you are in the area, take time to walk around and once you’ve built up an appetite head to Hummus Ousol next to the police station.  They have a branch in Tel Aviv too. “Simply put, it’s a cut above all others”.

Tel Aviv

Die-hard Tel Avivians voted Hummus Shuk HaCarmel (in Shuk HaCarmel market).

The hummus joint on the corner of Ben Yehuda Street and Frishman also got a top rating and Brian said “It’s the real deal!”

Zichron Yaakov

‘The Hummusiyah’ got full marks and it’s Kosher too.

Hidden gem

One kind hearted fellow with a delightful sense of humor said: “My house, I make really good and healthy hummus and falafel“.  For fear of having hoards of people knocking at his door, he preferred to remain anonymous and would not reveal where he lived.

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