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Medical & HealthIsrael Health Funds - Superior Health Plans

Israel Health Funds – Superior Health Plans

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Last Updated on November 10, 2021

Kupat Holim – Upgrading to a superior health Plan. Is it worth it?

Hebrew: שירותי בריאות נוספים

upgradeIn addition to the regular basket of health services in Israel (sal briut), you can also opt to upgrade your health services package and get additional coverage for a relatively small amount of money. 

Additional services

Once you have upgraded available medical services will include:

  • Consultation with specialist doctors
  • Additional testing and extra discounts for pregnant women and fertility treatments where necessary.
  • Discounts on dental treatment
  • Discounts on child development treatments
  • Specialized vaccinations
  • Complementary medicine
  • Wider selection of medications and medical accessories
  • Surgical procedures abroad
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Sight corrective procedures
  • Discounts on optical aids
  • Discounts on psychological therapy.
  • Discounts on scans and early detection tests
  • Spa treatments at discounted prices
  • Travel insurance at discounted rates
  • Workshops: smoking cessation and parenting
  • Door to door collection of laboratory tests
  • Fertility donations from abroad, at discounted rates
  • Discount on ambulance transportation

Not all Health Funds offer the same services or benefits in their superior health plans. Call, check and compare!

Navigate Israel’s medical and healthcare system with these resources

  1. Maccabi has 4 health care packages; basic, silver, gold and Maccabi Sheli (superior)
  2. Clalit has ‘Mushlam’, Mushlam Gold, Mushlam Platinum and Specialized Nursing
  3. Leumit has: Leumit Silver and Leumit Gold
  4. Meuhedet has: Meuhedet Basic (as per the health basket) and one premium plan – Meuhedet Adif

Some may offer you discounts on spectacles, laser hair treatments, fitness training, psycho-didactic evaluations, extra care during pregnancy amongst others.

Maccabi, Clalit and Leumit have English websites – Meuhedet does not.

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