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National Health Insurance Law

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Last Updated on January 16, 2013

Israel’s National Health Insurance Law

Hebrew: חוק ביטוח בריאות ממלכתי

As published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on their website

National health law




Provisions of the Health Law


  • Every resident must register as a member with one of the health-care organizations.
  • The health-care organizations may not bar applicants on any ground, including age or state of health.
  • Residents who had been insured with one of these organizations before the law came into effect, will continue to be members of that organization.
  • Residents who had not been insured prior to the law taking effect, are assigned to a health-care organization by the Ministry of Health. After a period of six months they may transfer to another organization of their choice.
  • Spouses may each register in a different organization. Children under 18 belong to the organization of the parent who is receiving child benefits from the National Insurance Institute.
  • Israeli citizens who have been living abroad for more than five years and have not spent more than 90 days in Israel must renew registration with a health-care organization upon their return to Israel.
  • New immigrants must register with a health-care organization upon arrival in the country. They will be exempt from payment during their first year in Israel.
  • Any person registered for at least one year with one of the health-care organizations, may transfer to another organization.
  • The law accords equal status to all four health-care organizations.



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