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Aliyah Benefits & Assistance

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Last Updated on October 31, 2021

Aliyah Benefits & Absorption Assistance for New Immigrants & Returning Residents

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Before you make Aliyah and before we list the Aliyah benefit information, it is important to familiarize yourselves with a few very important Aliyah related, Hebrew English  terms:


Transliterated Hebrew Term Definition Hebrew Word
Oleh (m) Immigrant עולה
Olah (f) Immigrant עולה
Olim (plural) Immigrants עולים
Oleh/Olah Hadash/a (f/m singular) New Immigrant עולה חדש/ה
Olim Hadashim (plural) New Immigrants עולים חדשים
Aliyah Immigration to Israel עליה
Ezrach (singular) Citizen אזרח
Ezrachim (plural) Citizens אזרחים
Ezrachut Citizenship אזרחות
Ezrach Oleh Child born abroad to Israeli parents אזרח עולה
Toshavim Hozrim Returning Residents תושבים חוזרים
K’tin/im (sing/plural) Minor/s קטין/קטינים
K’tin/im Hozer/Hozrim Returning Minor/s   קטין/קטינים חוזר/חוזרים
Mishpacha Family משפחה
Mishpachat Olim Oleh Family משפחת עולים
Misrad Ha’Aliyah Ve Haklitah Ministry of Immigrant Absorption משרד העליה הקליטה
Sal Klitah Absorption Basket (financial assistance) סל קליטה 

Now lets begin:

What is the Sal Klitah?

The Absorption Basket (Sal Klitah) is financial aid provided by Misrad Ha’Aliyah Ve Haklitah (Ministry of Aliyah & Immigrant Absorption).  The Sal Klitah is there to help you through those first few, and often critical, years you are in Israel. As of January 1, 2014 Misrad Haklitah set new rates for the Sal Klitah these reflect an approximate increase of less than 2% over previous rates.

Who is eligible to receive the Sal Klitah?

New Olim (new immigrants), Ezrachim Olim and Toshavim Hozrim (returning citizens), and Ktinim Hozrim (returning minors) are eligible for Sal Klitah.

Who are new Olim?

A new oleh is any person over the age of 18 who is eligible to citizenship under the Law of Return…

Who are Ezrachim Olim and Toshavim Hozrim?

Ezrachim Olim are the children, born abroad, to parents with Israeli citizenship, who wish to immigrate to Israel.

Toshavim Hozrim are Israeli citizens who have emigrated to another country and now wish to return to Israel.

What is a Mishpachat Olim (Oleh Family)

An Oleh Family are a married couple comprised of one Oleh and one Toshav Chozer.

Who are Ktinim Hozrim?

Ktinim Hozrim are the children of Israeli citizens who where either born abroad or emigrated with their parents before the age of 14 and returned to Israel by age 17.

What other categories of Olim are there? Split Aliyah

There is also a category of olim known as the “Split Aliyah” category. Split Aliyah is the term used for families where one spouse makes Aliyah, while the other spouse chooses to make Aliyah at some future date.

Are there any other Aliyah requirements?

Yes, there are.  It is advisable to check with your shaliach (Aliyah emissary) and your local Aliyah Organization what the exact requirements are for you and your family. These mostly relate to time spent outside of Israel.

When do I receive the Sal Klitah?

The first payment, in cash, will be made upon your arrival at Ben Gurion Airport.  You are then entitled to another payment once you open your Israeli bank account and then 6 additional monthly installments which will be paid directly into your Israeli bank account. This means one of the very first things you need to do once you have arrived in Israel – within the first few days – is to open an Israeli bank account.

If you are currently residing in Israel and then decide to make Aliyah from within Israel, all of your Sal Klitah will be paid directly into your Israeli bank account. In other words, there is no initial cash payment.

Other Aliyah Benefits

If you are not working at the time that the Sal Klitah payments come to an end, you are eligible for Dmei Kiyum (a monthly living allowance).

Olim who have been in Israel for at least 6 months and are not employed, are entitled to a monthly living allowance through Misrad Haklitah, known as Dmei Kiyum. These benefits begin AFTER the Sal Klitah payments are finished.

What we have listed here are just the basic benefits.  There are various other categories, conditions and exceptions which will need to be verified with your aliyah emissary or shaliach.

Rental assistance subsidy for new Olim, lone soldiers, seniors, single parents…

How Much Will I Receive?

As at January 1, 2014, you will receive the following Shekel payments:

  At the Airport On Opening Bank Account Payments 1,2,3,4,5 & 6      Total 
Married couple 2,500 3,800 4,800  35,100
Single parent 2,300 1,460 4,334  29,764
Single 1,250 1,430 2,622  18,412
Couple within 5 years of retirement 2,500 3,627 6,177  43,189
Single parent within 5yrs of retirement 2,300 1,481 5,197  34,963
Single within 5 yrs of retirement 1,250 1,437 3,341  22,733
Retired couple 2,500 3,594 3,831  29,080
Retired single parent 2,300 1,454 3,347  23,836
Retired single 1,250 2,183 2,650  19,333
Per child aged 0 – 4 250 3,020 1,270  10,890
Per child aged 4 – 17 250 2,993 665  7,233
Per child aged 18 – 21 250 3,033 1,051  9,589
Families of 6 or more people 0 0 839  5,024

Your local municipality or moatza (regional area council) may offer additional benefits (not financial) to their new olim residents. These could be in the form of extra tutoring hours for your children, discounts in municipal rates and taxes, subscriptions to cultural activities etc. Check with the Aliyah Project Manager in your local council or municipality.



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