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Aliyah Documents & Paperwork

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Last Updated on November 3, 2021

Documents Needed for Aliyah

Prepare the paperwork!

At least one month before your Aliyah or Relocation would be a good time to start collecting certificates, degrees, diplomas and other important documents for your family.

Documents for Aliyah

Documents Check List

√ All foreign passports or travel documents for the entire family

√ All identity documents

√ Lots of passport photos (10 – 15 per person)

√  Medical certificates and reports

√ Birth certificates

√  Pre-nuptial agreements

Marriage certificates (civil and/or your ketubah)

√ Divorce agreements and certification

√ Jewish conversion documentation

√ Proof of guardianship

√ Wills

√ Foreign drivers licenses

Banking and accounts information

√ International credit cards

√ Original degrees, diplomas and certificates (they can be translated and notarized in Israel if necessary), copies of syllabi and your high school diploma

√  Letters of recommendation from past employers or institutions

√  Resumes

√ Official documentation confirming the start and end date of studies.

√ Professional licenses (notarized in your country of origin)

√ Official documentation confirming completion of the specified period of practical work (doctors etc. who are required to do internship or practical work in order to get their degree, diploma or license)

√ Official documentation confirming clinical work in hospitals or medical institutions.

√ Letter(s) of “Good Standing” from the appropriate professional boards.

√ For non-license holders: An official university transcript and (if possible) the syllabi of relevant courses.

√ A letter from the licensing board in your country stating that you are a member in good standing (with the exception of payment of annual fees).

√ Lawyers / Attorneys / Advocates – Proof (from the bar) that you are an attorney and Certification of Good Standing

Army authorizations, exemptions and deferments for returning residents

√ Children returning to Israel on their own have to bring copies of their parent’s passport

√ Warranties if they have international recognition

√ If you are bringing a car from your country of origin, you will need to bring proof of ownership and car registration documents.

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