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Older PostsParties in Israel's elections. Who are you voting for?

Parties in Israel’s elections. Who are you voting for?

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Last Updated on October 20, 2021

Participating Parties in the upcoming 2015 Israel Elections. 

Hebrew:  למי בוחרים

israel parliament knesset
Israel Knesset Plenum –  Image credit: Unsplash

In Israel, each of the approved political parties running in the 2015 elections, are identified by a Hebrew ballot symbol.  On election day, March 17th, 2015, when you enter the polling booth, you will be confronted with a box filled with slips of paper which will have Hebrew initials or ballot symbols printed, in black, on their face.   Each ballot symbol represents a different political party.  Avoid a mistake! Before you go out to vote, make sure you know the ballot symbol of the party you plan to vote for.

For example the Likud is represented by the letters מחל and Yeish Atid is represented by the letters פה.  The full name of the party is printed in Hebrew below the ballot symbol.

Who are you voting for?

Party Ballot Symbols

Party Name Acronym Party Name Acronym
Yeish Atid – Yair Lapid פה Zionist Camp – Hertzog & Livni אמת
Meretz – Zehava Gal-On מרצ HaBayit HaYehudi – Naftali Bennet טב
Kulanu – Moshe Kachlon כ Likud – Binyamin Netanyahu מחל
Reshima Hameshutefet ודעם Yisrael Beitenu – Avigdor Lieberman ל
Shas – Aryeh Deri ש”ס Yehadut HaTorah – Yaakov Litzman ג
Ha’Am Itanu – Eli Yishai קץ
Aleh Yarok  קנ HaReshimah HaAravit ע
U BZchutan – Ruth Korian  נז Pirate Party פ
Ha’Yerukim  רק Or  ני
Hatikvah LeShinui  יץ Finance Party – Goldstein Bros. ז
Democratura  זך Manhigut Hevratit  יד
Nivheret Ha’Am HaZmanit – Ofer Lifschitz  זץ Schirut BeKavod  י
Kulanu Haverim  ףץ Perach  נץ
Meginim Al Yaldeinu  יך

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