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Ministers in Israel’s 36th Government

Who are the Ministers in Israel's 36th Government? Who's who? Here is the list of ministers and chairpersons of the various committees in Israel's 36th coalition...

Israel Cabinet Ministers and Knesset Members for Unity Government

Ministers in Israel's 35th government sworn in on 17th, May 2020. A record number of Cabinet Ministers were sworn in on May 17th, 2020 to...

Israel Election Results 2020

Preliminary Israel election results for the 23rd Knesset - March 2020. So far:  4,614,891 total ballots 4,590,062 acceptable ballots 25,073 spoiled ballots 6,453,255 eligible voters 71.52% current voter percentage poll 9...

Israel Elections: Likud versus Blue & White.

Likud vs Blue & White - the two main players in Israel's elections, March 2nd, 2020. Some fast facts... We were asked to prepare an...

Political parties for Israel 2021 elections

The list of major political parties participating in March 23rd, 2021, Knesset elections. Here is a list of the major parties competing on election day...

Political parties for Israel 2020 elections.

The full list of political parties participating in the March 2nd, 2020 -  3rd round of the 23rd Israel Knesset elections.   Hebrew English and transliterated...

2020 Israel Election Poll

THIS POLL IS NOW CLOSED Here are the results of our for-fun, pre-election poll: 185 people, from Israel's Anglo community, participated in our in-house, pre-election poll...

Israel Election Results September 2019

Adjusted 2019 Israel Election Results as reported by the Central Elections Committee (CEC) at 02.09am September 25th, 2019. The Times of Israel reports - "The...

Israel Political Parties

What's on the ballot slip? Israel political parties for September 17th, 2019. List of candidates. Information by courtesy of the Israel Central Elections Comittee Party Name...

Employment Rights for Israel Elections

Know your employment rights during the Israel elections. Salaried workers are entitled to a paid vacation day. There are other options too.

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