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Kosher restaurants in Israel

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Last Updated on September 25, 2019

Best kosher restaurants in Israel.

Depending on where you are, finding kosher restaurants in Israel can sometimes present a challenge. Here are some of our favorites…

kosher restaurantsAn example of a Kosher restaurant certificate

Lechem Basar – A favorite Kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv

Located at the Namal (port) in Tel Aviv, along the boardwalk and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Lechem Basar serves tasty and creative food.  The sea breeze on a summer’s night and a meal with a view all makes for a magical experience.  The food at Lechem Basar is top class and also holds a Menhadrin Kashrut certificate. If you are a serious meat eater and looking for a special dining experience, this is the place to go.

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Mike’s (Kosher) Place in Jerusalem

If you are a regular Facebook user, you are sure to have seen adverts for Mike’s Place.  Kosher restaurant Mike’s Place, in Jerusalem has the same  fun vibe as the branches in Tel Aviv, Herzliyah and Eilat (only the Jerusalem branch is Kosher). Come here to relax after a long day at work and enjoy a drink with fun music and delicious food. If you are up for it, you can even take the stage and sing a few tunes on Open Mic Night, there is also jazz night and band night.  Some of Israel’s popular singers entertain on Saturday nights.  Mike’s Place has a reputation for having an informal, relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

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Two of Haifa’s kosher restaurants – El Gaucho & Shaltieli

El Gaucho is one of the few restaurants in Haifa that has survived many decades. As its name suggests expect to eat some of the best grilled meats with a South American flair.  At night, you will experience the truly magical view of the Haifa bay. Open from midday to midnight El Gaucho has local Rabbinate kosher certification. There are branches of El Gaucho in Eilat, Netanya and Rishon LeZion as well.

Shaltieli, a meat restaurant, on the Dado Beach boardwalk, next to the amphitheater, attracts a younger crowd – the 20 -30 somethings.  From the upstairs terrace you can enjoy the sea view. Their menu is pretty standard – nice burgers though. Busy nights:  Thursday and Saturday.   End off your meal with a nargilla (hooka), shots and hours of conversation.

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Biga – Kitchen, Bakery & Coffee Shop

This countrywide chain, mostly in the shopping malls has a delightful menu. You can also buy their home-baked breads – sourdough breads being their specialty.  Pastries and cakes and cookies can also be bought separately.  They also have a vegan menu which has more than 25 items on it.  They have the usual coffee shop menu and their prices are comparable to other similar eateries – a breakfast for two costs around 120 NIS.


Be sure to contact your local Rabbinate for an up-to-date list of all the kosher eateries in your area.  Dial 144 for the Israel telephone information service.

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