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The Ultimate Guide to Israeli Wine & The Best Wines in Israel

One aspect of Aliyah that is sometimes overlooked, is finding food we miss from home. Good chance that the wines we regularly drank...

Everything you need to know about the Jerusalem artichoke

Everything you wanted to know about the Jerusalem artichoke and were afraid to ask! The Jerusalem artichoke is a herbaceous plant found in North America,...

Quinoa Salad Recipe.

Recipe for healthy quinoa salad with pecans, cranberries and a surprise dressing. Quinoa as a Pesach food has become popular lately.  This recipe (gluten free)...

Herbes et épices

Aromates, épices et arômes couramment utilisés dans la cuisine israélienne et orientale Hébreu :  המטבח הישראלי הים תיכוני - תבלינים Cette information fut rendue possible grâce...

Hebrew-English: Eating Out

Learn new Hebrew Words & Phrases: Dining & Eating Out - אוכלים בחוץ - with English and transliterations. English Transliteration Hebrew  Artificial Sweetener  Sookrazit סוכרזית  Coffee shop  Bet Kafeh בית קפה  Cake Ooga עוגה  Can I...

Herbs & Spices of the Israeli Kitchen

Herbs, spices & flavorings commonly used in the Israeli & Middle Eastern kitchen - a picture dictionary. Hebrew: המטבח הישראלי הים תיכוני - תבלינים Tonight you...

Hummous, Pita & Felafel – Israel’s National Food

Traditional Israeli Food - Is there such a thing? On the Hummous, Felafel & Pita Trail Hummous Hummous, hamos, houmous, hommos, hommus, hummos, or hummus is a dip...

Eating out in Tel Aviv

Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs & Eateries in Tel Aviv Judy is a veteran "Tel-Avivnik" she is a travel writer and a foodie - she shares her...

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