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Best cuts for your Yom HaAtzmaut BBQ

Break away from rib-eye, sirloin & entrecote. This Yom HaAtzmaut try grilling sheitel, avazit or spitz chach, spatchcocked chicken or smoked

The Ultimate Guide to Israeli Wine & The Best Wines in Israel

One aspect of Aliyah that is sometimes overlooked, is finding food we miss from home. Good chance that the wines we regularly drank...

Savory Hamantaschen Recipe

Who said hamantaschen have to be filled with poppy seeds, nuts, chocolates, dates, jam and halva? Try our savory hamantaschen recipes for

Red & Green Stickers on Food Items

Israel's food reform: red and green stickers on food items on Israeli supermarket shelves. Starting on 01.01.20 an a initiative to get Israelis to make...

Kosher Restaurants in Israel

Depending on where you are, finding kosher restaurants in Israel can sometimes present a challenge. Here are some of our favorites...

Favorite Matzah Toppings

Favorite, top-voted matzah toppings. Results of a fun survey showed the most and least favorite matzah toppings. The results are surprising.

Couscous recipe the Israeli way

Try our traditional couscous recipe. Quick and easy to make in just a few minutes. Eat is with vegetable soup, meat, chicken, fish, in a sala

Everything you need to know about the Jerusalem artichoke

Everything you wanted to know about the Jerusalem artichoke and were afraid to ask! The Jerusalem artichoke is a herbaceous plant found in North America,...

Quinoa Salad Recipe.

Recipe for healthy quinoa salad with pecans, cranberries and a surprise dressing. Quinoa as a Pesach food has become popular lately.  This recipe (gluten free)...

How to tell when your steak is ready

Here is the secret, a tried and tested way to test if your steak is ready: Put your thumb and one of your other fingers together lightly

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