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EducationEducational Assessment: Ivchun

Educational Assessment: Ivchun

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Last Updated on August 31, 2015

The Ivchun – The Israel Educational Assessment

אבחון פסיכודידקטי

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Approximately 10 percent of Israeli schoolchildren have some type of learning disability.  Class rooms are overcrowded and many students, who require some form of special attention, fall through the cracks.  ADD and ADHD is being diagnosed more frequently.   Diagnosing learning disabilities is not part of the regular education system.  Mostly parents are responsible for the costs in getting a professional and private assessment and evaluation.

Ivchun is the Hebrew word for the Israeli Educational Assessment.  An Ivchun can cost anywhere in the region of 800 NIS – 3,000 NIS – and that is just the beginning.  Extra lessons and other special programs are an extra expense.  This means that children whose parents have limited resources are at risk of not being diagnosed, may miss out on many opportunities and may not reach their full academic or scholastic potential.

It should be noted that even if you have done an assessment at an early age, this assessment is not likely to be valid in high school.  An assessment from the 7th grade will remain in force until the 12th grade.  Some schools may only recognize an assessment from a particular institute.  It is important to verify all these details before you run off and make an appointment.  If your school will accept the assessment of your local municipal or regional education department, try arrange for an assessment through them.  It is much cheaper than going privately.

How it works

The assessment takes a few hours.  Make sure your child has a good nights sleep before and eats a nourishing meal in the morning.

Once the assessment is done you will receive a written report, in Hebrew, which you will need to hand over to the school.  It may take a few weeks for the report to be ready. Make sure you make copies of the assessment for your personal records as well.



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