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EducationIsrael Psychometric, SAT, GED, Bagrut and School Exam Material

Israel Psychometric, SAT, GED, Bagrut and School Exam Material

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Last Updated on September 21, 2021

Preparing for the Israel Psychometric, SAT, GED, Bagrut and School Exams.

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What is the Psychometric exam?

The Psychometric exam is a standardized entrance test required by many higher education insitutions in Israel.  It is often referred to as the PET (psychometric entrance test).  In Hebrew it is known as the ‘Psihometri’ – פסיכומטרי.

The PET tests quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and English language. The PET can be written in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian or French as well as combined Hebrew/English.  The PET is administered four times during the year .  The first test is usually scheduled for April while the 4th test of the year is scheduled for December.  The Russian, French and combined Hebrew/English tests are scheduled twice a year while the Hebrew and Arabic verions are scheduled 4 times in the year.

The PET is an added opportunity for pupils who did not fare well in their Bagrut matric exams to improve their marks and chances of entering a university faculty of their choice. Olim children who are not native Hebrew speakers or do not have an Israeli bagrut, are also given the opportunity to prove themselves in their native language.

Register for the psychometric test on the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation’s (NITE) website.

The Psychometric Entrance Tests are administered in a number of countries in Europe and South America and are conditional on a sufficient number of applicants. The registration form for tests abroad and the test fee are different from those applicable to tests in Israel. To register for the test, complete the Registration Form for Overseas Tests. For more information, click here.

No matter where you are planning on writing the test, abroad or in Israel, full payment must be made in advance.

The SAT: US College Admission and Scholarship Test – Israel

Students wishing to take the SAT test are advised to check with individual colleges for SAT requirements. SAT Score is mandatory to write college admission application and apply for scholarships.  The SAT is made up of 4 parts; reading, writing and  language, math and essay.

SAT is administered  7 times in a year. The US test dates may differ from International test dates. Find  a SAT test date and SAT test location near you.

GED: High School Diploma

If you lived abroad and came to Israel after the age of 14, all major universities in Israel will accept your GED diploma as an American high school diploma. Also, if you always lived here in Israel, but never studied Math and English in school, you are eligible to take the GED and have it recognized.   Also, all American colleges accept the GED instead of a high school diploma.

The GED covers maths, language and arts, social studies and science.  Preparation for the GED can be taken online or in class over a sixth month period. 

Israel Bagrut matriculation exam

We have covered the bagrut exam in detail and other aspects of the Israel education system here.

Elementary and junior high school exams

In Israel, elementary and junior high school exams are set internally. 

Fifth and eighth graders in the public school system, the Ultra Orthodox sector and the Arab sector write the ‘Meitzav’ (Heb: מיצ”ב) test  which is a standarized test set by the Israel Ministry of Education.  The Meitzav is written in the following subjects: English, maths and mother tongue.  There is also a Hebrew test for native Arab speakers.  Past and sample tests can be found here.

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