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Israel TransportIsrael Transport - New Bus Fares, August 2022

Israel Transport – New Bus Fares, August 2022

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Last Updated on January 17, 2023

The public transport tariff reform comes into effect in August, when public transport fares are to be reduced.

Avoid traffic jams and parking problems – use public transport instead. From 1 August, 2022 the public transport tariff reform will come into effect and bus and other public transport fares, will cost significantly less.

Fares will be determined by distance and type of transportation.

An inter-city, Egged bus in Israel – Credit: RickP November 2006, Wikimedia Commons

Bus and light rail fares

Unlike the current system, fares are to be calculated according to the distance traveled. Fares are now to be determined by distance; up to 15 km, 40 km, 75 km, 120 km, 225 km and up to an unlimited number of trips throughout the country.

If you use one of the public transport apps to pay as you go (instead of a pre-paid Rav-Kav), you might have already noticed, prior to validating the ride, you need to select a ticket based on distance and the multiple fare options along the route.

A local bus ride up to a distance of 15 km, Metronit and light rail fare, which used to cost NIS 6 for a single trip, in most cities, will now cost less – NIS 5.50.

As of August, 2022, the value discount for regular profile users (on your Rav Kav) will be cancelled. In other word, previously, when you loaded your Rav Kav with a flat amount – a stored value (not a monthly pass or similar), you received a value discount with extra free rides (if your loaded amount was 100NIS you got 125NIS worth of rides).

From August 1st onwards, this value discount will be cancelled and for example, 100 NIS will be worth 100 NIS and not 125 NIS as before.

What happens if I have an existing stored value?

Have an existing stored value on your Rav Kav? Apply for a refund. Go to your nearest Rav Kav office with your Teudat Zehut and your Rav Kav, and they will refund any existing balance (to be credited to your bank account).

Bituach Leumi beneficiaries

Bituach Leumi beneficiaries and people with disability profiles are entitled to a 50% discount on the value of a multi-line card. For example, when loading a value of 50 NIS on your your Rav Kav, beneficiaries in this category will receive 100 NIS worth of rides for use on all means of public transport.

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