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Israel Consumer Product Recalls

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Last Updated on September 4, 2016

Stay up-to-date with latest Israel consumer product recalls


Announcements by the Israel Ministry of Health concerning food products that have been removed from sale.

If you have purchased one of the items listed below, do NOT eat them.  Please contact the manufacturer or supplier as detailed on the product label to arrange for a refund or exchange.

Date Product
03.09.2018 Milotal Corn Kernels Recall
02.08.2018 Suspicion for Listeria Monocytogenes in “Nehama Bakery” Black Forest cakes
01.08.2018 Danshar Popcorn Recall
31.07.2018 Strauss company informs hummus Achla 650 grams consumers
30.07.2018 Vanilia will not produce and sell ice cream containing hemp oil
27.07.2018 Shamir Salads 2006 Ltd
25.07.2018 Malty – black malt beer without alcohol
23.07.2018 Frozen Raw Vannamei Shrimps
16.07.2018 Meitav Food Industries Mayonnaise
16.07.2018 Real Shufersal Mayonnaise
15.07.2018 Yinon Ltd announces the voluntary withdrawal of puff pastry, 1kg
10.07.2018 Olivia Ltd Italian Pesto Jars Recall
04.07.2018 Tzabar Ltd Announcement
03.07.2018 “Ha’ugot Shel Yehudit” Ltd voluntarily withdrawal of mousse cakes: “Mozart”, “Biscuits”
27.06.2018 Mama Meri Ltd: Recalling potato-filled dumplings (vareniki)

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