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Last Updated on June 21, 2021

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Shopping & Consumerism

Israel’s Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables.

Which fruits and vegetables are in season right now? A monthly produce guide of seasonal fruits and vegetables in Israel. Not only a country "flowing...

Cost of a summer vacation in Israel – 2021

Cost of a summer vacation - 2021. The large travel websites say that the average nightly cost of a vacation in Israel is approximately 350...

Shufersal Pasta Recall

Shufersal pasta recall announced - 05.12.2019. It was announced by Shufersal this morning that some of the batches of their house-brand pasta (250 g and...

Surveys & Polls

Surveys and polls on all aspects of Aliyah and the Israeli lifestyle amongst the English speaking immigrant community.

Best Tahini on Israel’s Supermarket Shelves

10 brands of tahini paste (Heb: tahina golmi) were tested. A panel of 6 judges including Chef Avi Levy (2011 winner of Master Chef), restaur

Israel Second Hand Websites for English Speakers

Israel Second Hand Websites One man's junk is another man's treasure Whether you are looking for cheap, second hand furniture, a reliable second hand car, a...


Price Checks and Israeli consumer information. Average supermarket prices Fruit and vegetable prices House brand vs leading brand Pesach prices Purim fancy-dress costumes Shavuot home made vs store bought cheesecake School...

Small Packaging – High Prices

Shopping for Groceries in Israel Best deals? Small Packaging - High Prices We're always looking for ways to reduce our monthly grocery bill and so we...

Israel Consumer Product Recalls

Stay up-to-date with latest Israel consumer product recalls Announcements by the Israel Ministry of Health concerning food products that have been removed from sale. If you...

Online Shopping in Israel

Convenient online shopping in Israel. Hebrew: קניות באינטרנט בארץ ובחו"ל Click, click, click! Israelis love to shop online. Local, online supermarket shopping sites like Mega, Shufersal and...

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