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Israel InformationIsrael Airlines & Airports.

Israel Airlines & Airports.

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Last Updated on October 25, 2021

Israel Airlines: EL AL the national flag carrier and others.

EL-AL – אל על

Israel’s Airline – EL-AL (privately owned) is the national flag carrier of Israel.  They commenced operations in 1948.  El Al, the largest carrier, has a fleet of 45 aircraft serving about 60 different destinations on 4 continents.

el al planes
An EL Al plane flying the skies  (Image credit: Unsplash)

El Al operates from Terminal 3 and Terminal 1at Ben Gurion International Airport to a variety of destinations in Asia, Europe, North America and Southern Africa.

Due to its strict security El Al is considered as one of the most secure airlines worldwide. In its 70+ year history, El Al has been involved in 3 accidents and incidents.  Between 1968 and 2002 El Al has been involved in 9 terrorists attacks.

Useful El Al info

Other Israel airlines operating local and international flights include:

Arkia – ארקיע

Arkia is Israel’s second-largest airline, operating scheduled domestic and international services, as well as charter flights to dozens of destinations in Western Europe and across the Mediterranean.  Arkia have a fleet of 9 aircraft. It operates in both Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion International Airport.


Israir, 3rd largest after Arkia and El Al, have a  small fleet of aircraft and operate flights to; Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Georgia, Germany and Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The company operates from Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion International Airport, depending on the flight destination as well as domestic flights to Eilat landing at the Ilan & Assaf Ramon Airport.

Sun D’or – סאן דור

Sun D’or s a fully owned subsidiary of El Al Israel Airlines which uses the brand mainly for seasonal scheduled and charter services mostly to European destinations as well as on Saturdays (Shabbat) Sun D’or have a small fleet of about 5 aircraft. The company operates mainly from Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion Airport.

Israel Commercial Airports

Israel has two international airports that operate commercial and tourist flights:

  1. Ben Gurion International Airport, just outside Tel Aviv
  2. Ilan & Assaf Ramon Airport outside Eilat. More about that here…

There are several military airfields across the country.

Flight arrivals & departures

Check El Al and  Israel flight status; real-time airport arrival and departure times

Public transport

Need to know how to get to the airport? This and Israel’s transport system explained in detail here…

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