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DrivingSafety on Israel's roads.

Safety on Israel’s roads.

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Last Updated on November 1, 2021

Brush up on road safety, traffic and driving laws for Israel.

Driving above the speed limit, bad road conditions, missing road signs, irate and irresponsible drivers, cyclists without helmets, cars that crumple into nothing upon impact and a host of other road safety reasons contribute to the situation of an increasing number of deaths on Israel’s roads.

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Israel’s National Road Safety Authority is responsible for planning actions to increase the safety for vehicle drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists.  According to the Road Safety Authority’s daily report, in 2018, 237 people were killed on Israel’s roads.  Between 1 January 2019 –  22 December 2019, 345 individuals have been killed in road accidents in Israel.

In 2018, 76 senior citizens were killed in road accidents in Israel. They form 24% of all road-accident fatalities.  About a third of pedestrians who were injured (killed or seriously wounded) – were hit on a pedestrian crossing. The 65-year-olds and over are the most vulnerable group of pedestrians.

Do your part in making Israel’s roads safer for us all

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