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Hebrew EnglishHebrew English: Shabbat Words & Phrases

Last Updated on September 19, 2021

Hebrew English: Shabbat Words & Phrases

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Last Updated on September 9, 2021

Learn new Hebrew Words for Shabbat

English, Hebrew & Transliterated Words & Phrases


English Transliteration Hebrew
Sabbath Shabbat שבת
Sabbath evening  Erev Shabbat ערב שבת
Saturday Yom Shabbat יום שבת
Shabbat candles Neyrot Shabbat נירות שבת
Synagogue Beit Knesset בית כנסת
Shabbat braided bread Challah חלה
Wine Ya’yin יין
Torah portion of the week Parshat HaShavua פרשת השבוע
Termination of the Sabbath Havdalah הבדלה
Sabbath end Motzei Shabbat מוצאי שבת


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