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Customer Service – Haaretz

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Last Updated on July 19, 2021

Anglo-List Customer Service Awards

Haaretz Newspaper – December 13th, 2013

By: Steve Klein

Anglo-List, a website dedicated to providing practical information for English speakers in Israel, has announced its inaugural Customer Service Award “for professionals who value commitment, service and dedication to the Anglo community.” Suzanne Suckerman, the website’s founder, told Haaretz Wednesday the award grew out of a recent poll that determined that “dealing with unreliable service providers was our biggest aliyah frustration,” surprisingly more so than employment and language issues. Based on the site’s ratings and reviews in its business directory, Suckerman said the award went to Chaistream, a video streaming company owned and managed by Shai Bracha, a Sabra born to an American mother. Suckerman, originally from Johannesburg, said the five-year-old site has 25,000 visitors per month and 3,500 Facebook members. She said the site plans to grant the award every few months.

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