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Best cuts for your Yom HaAtzmaut BBQ

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Last Updated on May 9, 2022

Celebrate Israel’s Independence Day with a family BBQ and the best beef cuts, fish and vegetarian options.

You’re stuck on sirloin or rib-eye steak, but it’s time to break out with other beef cuts that are equally as good. Which beef cuts are recommended for your Israeli BBQ and Independence Day celebration? When it comes to steak, Israeli chef’s will almost always recommend entrecote, sirloin and fillet. These 3 beef cuts are full of flavor, but are very expensive (120NIS – 160NIS/kg). But, what about lesser-known cuts of steaks that work well on the barbecue? Large amounts of beef are imported from Poland and Argentina but local Israeli-grown beef is of high quality and rich in flavor. Not available in supermarkets, you will have to look out for a privately owned butcher or supplier who specializes in home-grown beef.

Other recommended BBQ beef cuts

The Sheitel (Cut #13)

The sheitel, cut #13, comes from the back of the cow. Sheitel has a full flavor and is low in fat. Butchers recommended sheital that has been aged for at least 14 days. It’s recommended to slice the sheitel into finger-thick steaks (about 1 cm). Sheitel is best eaten medium-rare, brown on the outside and red on the inside.

Price Point – 100/kg

Brazilian Cut – Spitz Chach (Cut #15).

Popular in Brazil, the Spitz Chack is characterized by a thick cap of fat. It is not as popular as sirloin, entrecote or fillet but demand is increasing and its price point is similar to those premium cuts.

Price Point – 100/kg

Avazit – Top Sirloin (Cut #14)

Avazit, from the back thigh area of the cow is mainly used for preparing minced meat dishes and stews. You should ask the butcher to cut a very thick steak, 4 fingers thick (7 cm) and weighing about 1.4 kg). Once cooked, the steak should rest for 15 minutes. Slice thinly, serve seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon zest.

Flank Steak (Cut #17)

The Flank Steak must be properly aged. It is especially versatile and is similarly suitable to the sirloin cut: skewers, steaks, long roasting and minute steaks.

Top Side (Cut #16)

The Top Side is relatively thin and dry, so it is recommended not to remove the natural layer of fat. Ask the butcher to slice it into thin steaks (half a centimeter thick) and best served medium-rare.

Lamb or Mutton

The best kebabs are made with lamb or mutton but the price or lamb in Israel is outrageously high. There is an way to get around it and not miss out on the great flavor. For around 20NIS you can purchase a block of lamb fat (Shuman Keves – שומן כבש). Add a small quantity of minced, raw lamb fat to your raw beef mince, together with the other ingredients, and you’ll get a very flavorsome result.

Price Point – 120/kg


Butterflied or spatchcocked chicken, marinated in a sauce of your choice, hot off the grill served with grilled lemons and roasted garlic is an inviting Yom HaAtzmaut meal. Reminiscent of a medieval feast, there is something satisfying in tearing the freshly grilled chicken off the bone. Grilling time 45-60 minutes. Chicken thighs (with the skin) need 10-15 minutes on the grill.

Price Point – 19/kg (whole chicken)

Price Point – 28/kg (thighs)


Basted with fresh lemon juice, olive oil and garlic, fresh salmon and whole fish like Denise, Amnon and Bass are also delicious on the barbecue.

Price Point – 120/kg (Fresh Salmon)

Price Point – 60/kg (Denise)

Price Point – 50/kg (Amnon)

Price Point – 125/kg (Bass)

Look for special offers wherever you can. Israelis consume hundred of tons of meat, poultry and fish over the Yom HaAtzmaut weekend so expect shortages.

NOTE: Prices quoted here are taken from the Shufersal website. Shufersal has not participated in the price-check in any way whatsoever.

Smoked Foods

Smokers are all the rage, and while not barbecued, meats prepared in a smoker truly hit the sweet spot. Less-expensive, tougher cuts are better suited to the low and slow smoking process. Fat and connective tissues break down into tender morsels. Thinner cuts are not well suited and will be tough and dry. A smoked chicken, served cold with a slaw and potato salad, makes a welcoming delightful summer meal. You can smoke fish too – thicker, fattier fish like salmon and tuna, smoke well.


Try our vegetarian black-bean burger.

Price Point – 20/2 large patties

Chag Atzmaut Sameach!

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