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yom haatzmautCommemorating the Holocaust - Zikaron BaSalon

Commemorating the Holocaust – Zikaron BaSalon

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Last Updated on April 29, 2022

Zikaron BaSalon – Memories from the Living Room

Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel – Yom HaShoa – is commemorated in many ways. One of the more recent initiatives is Zikaron BaSalon – Memories from the Living Room.

A unique and growing tradition, and in the comfort and security of their own homes, Holocaust survivors tell their stories and share their memories with members of the public. As long as we have Holocaust survivors who want to share their experiences, we need to hear them.

You can host a speaker in your own home or attend one of the many meet-ups. For more information and to participate in, join or host a Zikaron BaSalon event, click here.

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