Monday, 20 May 2019
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The Ben Gurion Airport train - important information for travelers.

Until further notice, the Ben Gurion Airport train will not be operational on weekends.

 ben gurion airport train

The Ben Gurion Airport Train.  Travelers to and from Ben Gurion International Airport, please take note that every weekend, until further notice trains from 00h20 on the night between Thursday and Friday until Sunday at at 04h45 trains operating in both directions between Tel Aviv Savidor Central Station and Nahariya Station and will not arrive at Ben Gurion Station.

Consequently there will also be no train from Nahariya to Modiin- the last stop being Tel Aviv Savidor Central Station.

Please make alternative transport arrangements. 

A free shuttle service between Tel Aviv Savidor Merkaz / Ben Gurion and Ben Gurion / Tel Aviv Savidor Merkaz is available.  Here for details...


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