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Social ServicesALUT - The Israel National Autism Association

ALUT – The Israel National Autism Association

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Last Updated on November 17, 2021

ALUT – Israel’s National Autism Association

ALUT’s mission is to ensure the well-being, rehabilitation, economic status, and future of people with autism in Israel.  Thousands of individuals in Israel have been diagnosed with autism and 400 infants are diagnosed annually. Before the establishment of ALUT, the only option available to autistic children and adults was placement in psychiatric hospitals.

Children with Special Educational Needs IsraelALUT Family Centers

This service provides an answer for families raising children with Autism in Israel and today includes 6 branches throughout the country. At the family center you will be able to receive information about various subjects, such as: Background information about the disability, treatment methods, names of professionals, information about legal rights etc. You can also receive guidance and legal assistance in achieving your rights. In addition, the family centers operate support groups intended for parents, siblings and grandparents. Also various lectures are held at the centers.

You may contact the family centers at phone number: +972-3-6703077 between 9:00 and 15:00 local time.

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