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Worldwide Jewish Population

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Last Updated on December 7, 2021

The worldwide Jewish population latest figures.

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The Smallest Jewish Communities

The smallest Jewish communities are Lichtenstein and Bahrain which record 30 and 36 Jews respectively.

Slightly larger, the size of the Jewish community in Indonesia has been given as 65, 100, or 18 at most over the last 50 years.

And then there is Zablon Simintov…

Who is Zablon Simintov?

After a 2,000 year history of Jewish presence, Afghanistan has only one Jew left, 62 year old, Zablon Simintov.  Zablon Simintov is an Afghan carpet trader and restaurateur. He is also the caretaker of the only synagogue in Kabul.

During the 2021 unrest in Kabul and the threat of the Taliban, Simintov decided to leave the the country and join his family in the USA.

Largest Jewish population

The three largest Jewish communities are in Israel the United States of America and France

The last statistics released by the Israel CBS in April 2020, revealed that the worldwide Jewish population at the end of 2018 stood at 14.7 million which is less than the estimated worldwide Jewish population of 15.5 million people before WWII.

  • In 2002, the number of Jews in the world stood at 14.6 million.
  • At September 2021, the number of Jews in the world stood at 15.2 million as reported by the Jewish Agency

Over 7.1 million Jews live in Israel (45% of the total Jews worldwide). In the United States there are  5.7 million Jews. The largest Jewish community in Europe is in France with some 450,000 Jews, 392,00 Jews live in Canada, 292,000 in the United Kingdom, 180,000 in Argentina and 165,000 in Russia.

400,000 people who are not registered as Jews in the population registry are eligible for the Law of Return.

Jewish population distribution by country in 2021 (World Population Review & Jewish Agency)

Population of some countries

Israel  Israel 6,894,000⇑
United States  United States 6,000,000⇑
France  France 446,000⇓
Canada  Canada 393,500⇑
United Kingdom  United Kingdom 292,000⇑
Russia  Russia 150,000⇓
Argentina  Argentina 175,000⇓
Germany  Germany 118,000⇑
Australia  Australia 118,000⇑
Brazil  Brazil 91,500⇓
South Africa  South Africa 52,000⇓
Ukraine  Ukraine 43,000⇓
Hungary  Hungary 47,000⇓
Mexico  Mexico 40,000
Spain  Spain 11,700⇓

Famous Jewish Actors

Harisson Ford, Woody Allen, Barbara Streisand, Natalie Portman, Gal Gadot, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Mila Kunis, Sasha Baron Cohen, Mel Brooks, Winona Ryder, Daniel Radcliffe, Seth Rogan, Goldie Hawn, Adam Sandler and Scarlett Johansen to name but a few.

Some Famous Jewish Authors

Sholem Aleichem, Sholem Asch, Isaac Asimov, Anne Frank, Sigmund Freud, Franz Kafka, Ephraim Kishon, Fran Lebowitz, Norman Mailer, Maimonides, Bernard Melamud, Arthur Miller, Amos Oz, Chaim Potok, Marcel Proust, J.D. Salinger, Irwin Shaw, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Leon Uris, Eli Wiesel, Herman Wouk and many, many others

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