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Last Updated on October 23, 2021

Women’s Spirit – רוח נשית

Financial Independence for Women Victims of Violence in Israel

Established in 2007, Women’s Spirit assists women victims of violence to develop financial independence and occupational security.  We believe that the link between financial dependence and violence (physical, sexual, economic and mental) against women is crucial and therefore the departure of women from the cycle of violence involves the establishment of their financial independence.   

While many organizations and welfare offices in Israel provide women victims of violence with excellent crisis and emotional support, Women’s Spirit is the only organization that provides women victims of violence a long term, personally tailored solution, to help them break the cycle of violence and rebuild their lives by improving their occupational and financial status.  This is done through mentoring and coaching, professional skills workshops, training, financial literacy, computer mastery, language development, job placement/training.

We operate our main branch in Tel Aviv. In addition we have programs presently in two (soon to be four) battered women’s shelters – in the North and in the South. We provide personal and group professional training, one-on-one mentoring sessions with trained coordinators and volunteers from the community, a special course designated for women who are self-employed, a course on budget management, employment search preparation training and assistance in finding work. (We can accommodate non-Hebrew speakers.)

Women’s Spirit recruits and trains hundreds of volunteers – each year that accompany women victims of violence as mentors, business coaches, private tutors, financial consultants, legal consultants and more. In addition, the organization collaborates with the community and businesses that provide professional development and employment opportunities.

Past/Present/Future: Since our founding in 2007 Women’s Spirit has served over 1200 Women Victims of Violence. In 2015 we will serve 450 women victims of violence and expand our services: from two battered women’s shelters to four; expand our services to additional municipalities; develop our work to reach further north into Israel (by creation of a branch of Women’s Spirit). In addition we   support women victims of violence’s financial and occupational state, through systemic changes in public discourse, state policy and legislation. We raise awareness to the strong link between financial dependence and gender violence and impact laws and regulations that limit women’s ability to rebuild their lives and achieve financial independence after leaving the violent circle.

If you or someone you know are in need of our services – please call Liat  @ 072-2507770

If you would like to be a volunteer mentor – please call Sivan @ 072-2507770

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