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SeniorsShilo Foundation for Development of Services to the Elderly in Haifa

Shilo Foundation for Development of Services to the Elderly in Haifa

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Last Updated on October 24, 2021

The Shilo Foundation for Development of Services to the Elderly

The Shilo Foundation for Development of Services to the Elderly provides a solution for Haifa’s senior residents. Founded in 1977, Shilo is a non-profit organization established by The Joint Distribution Committee or JDC and The Haifa Municipality’s Social Services Department for the purpose of assisting Haifa  citizens in their golden years.

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Shilo has been active for more than 30 years providing services to the elderly and their families. It aims to improve their quality of their life by providing a wide range of unique services in their homes, “safe neighborhoods” and  day-centers.

Their services include the following:

  • “Tipuley Bayit”— the unit for home-visits provides round the clock caregivers
  • Four day centers in the Haifa area – one in Kiryat Haim  and three in Haifa
  • A unique day-care center for patients with  Alzheimer’s / Dementia
  • Information and assistance centers for the elderly and their families
  • Secure living” – several “protected neighborhood” programs throughout the city
  • Volunteer activities
  • Geriatric consultations, diagnosis and advice
  • “The Golden Way” – a road safety program
  • Low cost repair services
  • Community TV — Production of local TV programs by the elderly
  • Shilo’s Day Centers enable the elderly to continue to live at home and still enjoy the facilities the organization has to offer.

Shilo’s day care centers are some of the biggest and leading centers in the country.  The center in the Haifa’s suburb of Kiryat Eliezer, is the only one of its kind in Haifa and focuses on patients with dementia related conditions.

The day care centers undertake and provide the following services:

  • Transportation to and from the center
  • A nutritious breakfast and lunch
  • A range of professional and supportive staff
  • Cognitive, social and physical activities
  • Personal hygiene and care
  • Medical advice and assistance
  • Encouraging independence to the full extent of one’s abilities
  • Appropriate physical activities
  • Increasing self-worth and self-confidence

The center is funded by Social Services and is included in the basket of services provided according to the law as outlined by Bituach Leumi (The National Insurance). 

For more information and details on Shilo’s day-center contact: Tel: 04-8516311/511 or  their head-office at telephone: 04-838 4335 or 04-838 6712

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