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Aliyah for Seniors – An Autumn Aliyah

An Autumn Aliyah By: Zelda There was no Nefesh B’Nefesh when I made Aliyah in 1997 at the age of 65. I didn’t need it....

Preparing for retirement in Israel

Retiring in Israel - are you financially prepared? Where does Israel rank in terms of ease of retirement. Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland

Aliyah over 50

Seniors - 10 things to know about Aliyah if you're over 50. By: Adv. Jay Hait You’ve worked most of your adult life, paying into social...

How do I apply for Israel’s Senior Citizen Card?

If you are a senior with an Israeli driver's license, then you can apply for an Israeli Senior Citizen Card with an identifying photograph.

Shilo Foundation for Development of Services to the Elderly in Haifa

The Shilo Foundation for Development of Services to the Elderly The Shilo Foundation for Development of Services to the Elderly provides a solution for Haifa's...

Israel Retirement Homes Database

Retirement Homes & Villages, Assisted Living, Frail & Specialized Care Centers in Israel Hebrew: מדריך בתי אבות ודיור מוגן סיודי בישראל Jerusalem Retirement Homes   Retirement Homes in...

Israel Old-Age Pension

Israel Bituach Leumi Old-age Pension Hebrew: קצבת זקנה ביטוח לאומי The basic old-age pension rates As of January 2021, the basic old-age pension is NIS 1,558 for...

Hebrew-English: Golden Years

Learn new Hebrew words and phrases with English and transliterations The Golden Years - גיל הזב English Transliteration Hebrew Advice Ye'utz יעוץ Day center Merkaz Yom מרכז יום Diagnosis Ivchun אבחון Diapers Hitulim חיתולים Disabled person  Nacheh נכה Disability Nachut נכות Doctor Rofeh רופא Doctor's appointment Tor Refu'i תור רפואי Elderly  (sing/pl) Kashish /...

Medical & Support Services for Israel’s elderly.

Some organizations & social services offering assistance, support & advice to Israel's elderly Hebrew: עמותות, ארגוני התנדבות וסיוע לקשישים Alzheimer Association of IsraelTel: 03-5341274www.alz.org Melabev - Alzheimer...

Retiring in Israel & Secure Living – Beth Protea

Retiring in Israel and options for secure living. Beth Protea in Herzlia   Retiring in Israel and looking for a secure living solution? For English speakers there...

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