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Hebrew EnglishKupat Holim Leumit Automated Answering Machine

Kupat Holim Leumit Automated Answering Machine

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021

Kupat Holim Leumit

English Translation of Kupat Holim Leumit’s Automated Answering Machine

Calling Kupat Holim Leumit

What are they saying?  What does it mean? It is so annoying – I don’t understand!

Please note: This translation is provided for your convenience and is not the service provider’s official translation.

Kupat Holim Leumit contact details

  1. Quick Dial Telephone Number:  *507
  2. General Telephone Number: 1 700 507 507

The simplest of all…

-Welcome to Kupat Holim Leumit

-Please have your identity number on hand

-Please hold for a customer service representative


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