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Social ServicesKav L’Noar- A Lifeline for Youth

Kav L’Noar- A Lifeline for Youth

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Last Updated on October 24, 2021

Kav L’Noar – A Lifeline for Parents – A Safety Net for Youth

Kav L’Noar empowers youth and their families via individual mentoring and family counseling, giving them tools and techniques to help them navigate current challenges and obstacles they may face in the future. Our early identification and intervention programs address at-risk issues before they become life changing.

Who We Serve

  • Families, teens, young adults and couples in Jerusalem and surrounding communities

Our Services

  • Intervention and crisis prevention through supervised and curriculum-based Individual Youth Mentoring and School-based Mentoring Programs.
  • Culturally-sensitive individual, marital and family counseling, offered in English or Hebrew.
  • Improving parenting skills and an awareness of at-risk behaviors through community-education lectures and parenting workshops.

Our Goals

  • Reduce stress on the family and parenting relationship
  • Support a complete solution by connecting the teens, the parents and the school to work together to transform lives
  • Empower youth with the knowledge, tools and confidence to achieve their fullest potential

What Makes Us Unique

  • Treatment plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of each family member including coordination between our counseling and mentoring programs.
  • Our holistic family-systems model emphasizes the impact each family member has on one another.
  • Early intervention identifies core issues at the most formative developmental stage before they become life-changing and require long-term costly services.
  • Our staff is highly qualified, and have Masters level education, with many years of clinical experience. Our programs are evidence-based that research has demonstrated to be associated with the best results

Why Mentoring?

Mentoring serves as an impactful resource for helping at-risk teenagers. Individual change and progress is about having other individuals care, support, and guide on a one-to-one basis. Research has shown that adolescents benefit from structured mentoring relationships and result in improved behavior with parents, lower levels of drug and alcohol use, improved self-concepts, an enhanced sense of social acceptance and increased feelings of academic competence.

Mentoring is often the recommended intervention for several reasons:

  • Teenagers are often unwilling to engage in a normative therapeutic relationship.
  • The focus is primarily on building genuine friendships and enabling youth to develop the skills needed to build a friendship within a ‘real’ yet safe environment.
  • Many children do not need therapy! Some are just lonely, some lack organizational skills and others simply need extra support.

Goals include:

  • Improving school performance and reducing drop-out rates
  • Preventing or reducing at-risk behaviors
  • Strengthening relationships with and reducing alienation from the family
  • Improving self-perception
  • Helping teen immigrants with integration and social adjustment
  • Developing social skills

Kav L’Noar Center
25 Keren Hayesod
POB 7685
Jerusalem 9107602

02-622-3603 (fax)

Email: kavlnoarcenter@gmail.com  or info@kavlnoar.org


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