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Jewish and Hebrew Greetings

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Last Updated on December 7, 2021

How do you say ‘Have a happy Passover’? Jewish & Hebrew greetings and expressions for all occasions.

There are many Jewish and Hebrew greetings. Some of the Jewish greetings come from words in the Yiddish language and have remained over time.  Even if they don’t know much Hebrew, Jewish communities all over the world will know some of these greetings.

jewish and hebrew greetings expressions lechaim
Le’Chaim is a Jewish and Hebrew greeting – a toast – that means ‘To Life’ (Image credit: Unsplash)
Greeting Hebrew Meaning
Shalom שלום Hello/Goodbye/Peace Shalom is used to say hello or goodbye to someone.  It is also the Hebrew word for Peace.
Lehitraot לְהִתְרָאוֹת Goodbye, see you! Used to say goodbye or see you soon.  ‘Hi’ and ‘bye’ have also crept into the Hebrew lexicon.
Shabbat Shalom שבת שלום Have a peaceful Sabbath. In Israel it is also common to use this Hebrew phrase to wish someone a good weekend
Gut Shabbos Have a peaceful Sabbath. Originally from Yiddish.
Shavua Tov שבוע טוב Have a good week. When the Sabbath comes out on Saturday after sunset, we wish people a good week.
Chag Sameach חג שמח Happy holidays This greeting can be used for any Jewish festival or holiday.
Gut Yontiv Happy holidays Originally from Yiddish it is used as a greeting on Jewish High Holy Days.
Shana Tova שנה טובה Happy year A Hebrew greeting used to wish someone a Happy New Year.
Gmar Hatima Tova גמר חתימה טובה May you be inscribed in the Book of Life A greeting for Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement) wishing you well.
Tzom Kal צום קל Easy Fast. Wishing someone an easy fast for Yom Kippur (a 25 hour fasting period).
Chag Pesach Kasher V’Sameach חג פסח קשר ושמח A kosher and happy Passover Use this greeting on social media, at the Seder or when you meet someone you care about.
Moadim L’Simcha מועדים לשמחה Happy holidays Used during the intermediate days of Sukkot and Pesach (Chol Ha’Moed)
Mazal Tov  מזל טוב Congratulations/good luck Pass an exam, have a baby, got engaged? Used on any occasion to congratulate or wish someone good luck.
B’ezrat Hashem בעזרת השם G-d willing. When asking for good fortune for a future event.
Baruch Hashem ברוך השם With thanks to G-d An acknowledgement of thanks to the Almighty for a good result.
Nu נו And so…? A Yiddish word. How are things going? And so…! Continue…
L’Chaim לחיים To life! The equivalent of toasting someone – ‘Cheers!’. Hebrew and Yiddish.

Your will find many more colorful Hebrew and Jewish greetings and expressions here which are used every day and for all occasions.  We also suggest you delve into our Hebrew Learning section where you will find free word sheets on a multitude of topics as well as our Hebrew-Israel Slang Dictionary.

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