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Netflix In israel

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Last Updated on December 7, 2021

Netflix service in Israel – נטפליקס בישראל

netflixWhat is Netflix?  Netflix is a subscription-based streaming media service which offers online streaming of a library of films and television programs, and it is available in Israel.

Netflix is ​​an application for watching movies and series content. HD quality content can be viewed via devices connected to the Internet such as a computer, tablet, phone, smart TV, game console etc.

Netflix in Israel in Hebrew

Netflix is available to local viewers in Hebrew, with a package price and payment in shekels and translated and dubbed movies and TV shows – as well local Israeli content.

Prices of Netflix packages in Israel as at October 2018

TV: Streaming service for direct viewing via the Internet on smart TVs, cellular phones, tablets and home computers.

Basic package for NIS 29.90 per month (viewable on one device only and not in HD)

A standard package of NIS 39.90 per month (viewable on 2 devices simultaneously with HD)

Premium package at NIS 49.90 per month (up to 4 devices and with ultra HD.

Netflix offers the first month free of charge!

What can you see on Netflix

Netflix offers a wide range of content, including original content. Movies and series are updated every month.

Is there content in Hebrew?

About 75% of the Netflix content in Israel has been translated into Hebrew (or dubbed). Netflix is ​​keen to expand the supply of films and series for viewing in Israel, and has added original Israeli series and children’s dubbed series.

Netflix and translations into other languages?

Each program you select offers you subtitles in a selection of languages.

The Netflix interface

The Netflix user interface is simple and convenient to use and is also offered in Hebrew. A user friendly menu allows fast and easy navigation between main content, categories and personal preferences.

What is a personal area / personal profile in Netflix?

Each member of the family has different viewing habits and therefore you can create your own personal profiles within the interface.  You will receive personalized viewing recommendations and series and programs liked.

You can choose a personal profile picture from a gallery of cool icons and portraits.

How do I join Netflix?

Join NETFLIX via their English website (priced in shekels) 

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