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Entrance to Jerusalem closing to cars for 3 years.

The entrance to Jerusalem will be will be closed for construction and blocked to private vehicles commencing July 14, 2019.   Work is expected to conclude in November 2023.

 entrance to jerusalem closed

The Hebrew phrase for traffic jam is 'Pkak Tnua' - Image Credit: Unsplash

Work on the infrastructure to extend Jerusalem's light rail has commenced.  Once the work is completed, it is expected to reduce bottle-necks and traffic jams and shorten trips by as much as 20 minutes during rush hour.

Drivers to Jerusalem in private vehicles will have to seek alternate routes but public transportation will continue to function as normal.

  • As a result of the closure, traffic on Shazar Street to the International Convention Center will be closed to private vehicles.  An alternative route will open that will pass through Herzl Boulevard and go around the government offices on its way to the city center.
  • Private vehicles will be able to enter the Jerusalem via Route 443 or Route 1 through the Arazim Tunnel.
  • Those exiting the city will be able to travel via Begin Road to the Arazim tunnel or Route 443

Changes to the public transportation system will be made during the construction period. The location of bus lines and stations may change.  The public will be updated and changes will be announced via the media.  


According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics as at December 2018 approximately 3,495,000 motor vehicles were registered in Israel, of which 2,979,000 are private vehicles.

Approximately 361,000 vehicles were registered and 239,000 were removed so that the number of active vehicles increased by 122,000 - an increase of 3.6% compared with 2017.

Approximately 1/4 million vehicles are imported to Israel every year.

In Israel, there are 2,730 vehicles per kilometer of road.  The OECD average is 774.


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